Funning with helms

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AuthorTopic: Funning with helms
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I wonder if a helm could be modified to act as a permanant light source, only negated when entering a magical deep darkness area. Helm of light, or helm of vision. bonus to bows skill?

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The idea is fine, not exceptional, but acceptable. Unfortunately, there is no way to add light for the party, nor is there a good way to change the lighting scheme of a town.

The bonus to the missile weapons skill is certainly possible.

I am 99% sure that the greater portion of what you want cannot be achieved at the moment. But, if Jeff adds the suggested lighting calls (which will probably be unlikely because lighting is natively generated in the scenario editor, not dynamically in the game), a viable solution may appear.

Even if this happens, though, you'd have to put the check for the item in the scenario START_STATE, which runs every turn for the duration of the scenario. This can be a performance problem, but the effect is usually negligible to users with modern computers. The item could instead be a VERY strong light source that the player has to 'Use'. It may not be as automatic as the original idea, but it is simpler.

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You can give some items a ridiculous number of charges-- I don't think there is a charge limit for wands. A wand of light or light crystal would work well. It would save a lot of weight for the characters. So you could have a wand of light lvl 50 with 200 charges and you would not need to purchase/find torches or lamps for quite a while. It would be very lite -- 1 pound. I don't think you could make a light helmet.

Another item which would lighten the load for characters would be a magical dinner plate usable once per day that gave eight food items every time it was used-- 2 loaves of broad, 2 pieces of fish, 2 apples, and 2 greens. No more carrying around food.

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You can make a unlimited charges torch. I belive it is either charges = 0 or -1. I'd have to double check the docs.

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Yes, it's quite easy to make a light crystal, and I've done it to where it's actually practical, particularly for a party w/o mage skills (already tested it that way in VoDT and SR). So that'd be perfect for a scenario where mage spells are discouraged/prohibited (maybe revisiting the Anama?). I've got the basic script for it if anyone's interested.

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Might be helpfull for an upcoming scenario, send it to
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It's not possible (that I know of) but it IAS a good idea. Maybe if yopu added that to the bugs and suggestions list, cor send it into Jeff straight (which I think will be seen more than the list) and tell him about it.

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