naming a character in Avernum

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AuthorTopic: naming a character in Avernum
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Seriously, everytime I start a new game, I name my characters something. The last time I named them Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff & Slytherin, Coz Pottermania was On for me then. So, what kind of names do you guys give when you play :confused:

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I usually go Nipa becouse I solo.
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Solo parties: Milton
Non-solo: Whatever comes to mind

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Blade, Harlequin, Kaos, Crisis

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Human- Radagast
Slith- Daggoth (couldn't think of a good slith name)
Nephil- Mathuzar
Other Human- Ansatu (I use the cool ninja graphic)

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i usually play with a single character, and and often use the combination of the female archer graphics, and the name 'sonya'.
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I usually play singleton with a male human or nephil mage named Solodric, when I get more characters they're
Marach - my warrior who knows some white magic
Teth - My thief/ninja guy
Alexie - My fulltime clerical asswhipper.
Dont go stealin' my names now :P
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I only change the first characters name to my own.
Still looks crap, but with personality.

If crap can have personality.

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Can you pick the theme?
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Seems to be Romeo and Juliet with a dash of other Shakespeare.

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I give them very English names like Norman, Graeme, Sharon, etc. Malcolm the Mage is a particular favourite. :D

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i just recently made my peace with slith and nephil names. after all, its kinda weird to call a cat robert.
for humans, i use elvish or mythic, sometimes middle-age names. like melwen, tharaias or whatever.
hm i like tharaias.

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I always name my characters after my family. I'm the 'leader' my only boy is the toughest, and my girls are the magic users.
Not very inventive, I know, but it cuts down drastically on start time, no racking my brain trying to think of character names, etc.

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I usually name characters after bacteriae and viruses. So I have Yersinia, Zooster, Herpes and Anemia (OK, that's a disease). But my main character is always pibbur (for a completely different reason).

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I go for names from claaasical sources- "lead character: names have been alogn the lines of ;

*All from the Trojan War

*two men of Athneian origin, Xenophon is perhaps the most awesoem character in classical greek history

*Roman emperors, I dislike Tiberius, he a mediocre emperor, but was good for the provincials, and they loved him as emperor, and didnt rebel- he was a semi-insane pervert though, but hew has a kick-ass name
**Aurelian is my current favorite, followed closelly by Xenophon, Aurelian is also a Roman emperors name, and this case, a truelly noble an dmighty leader of men.
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Sometimes single letters. sometimes ------. Sometimes X4672 etc. for "soldier" names kinda like star wars with the clone army. Normal names...hey they suck! :)

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seriously inspiring to me is the names of poets & warrriors... I named my characters Thor, Odin, Freyja & Loki after a jostling of norse mythology. Loki is my nephil, and my slith is Odin. Yet, my all time favourite names are those I got from the poets: Keats, Coleridge, Eliot and Shakespeare.
I'm startin a new game today... how does beowulf & Gawain sound :confused: :D

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In the first Avernum games, I used Frodo, Gollum, Gandalf, and Galadriel. Scary, huh?

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In the first Avernum games, I used Frodo, Gollum, Gandalf, and Galadriel. Scary, huh?

lord of the flings, eh :D

he who puts his head inside a dragon's orifice is likely to get a lot of...
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I have also used the lord of the rings theme in the past.

However my first party which beat A2 was: Alessan (Slith Warrior), Beriel (human thief/archer), Elske (human mage) and Jaryn (human priest).

Ah the days when I had time to play throught the whole of is so much better than doing dissertations.

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Back in the days of Exile, I used to take inspiration from the PC's graphic ("who does that remind me of?"). Can't do that with Avernum, because they all look pretty much the same. So I have fallen back on themes, such as:

TV chefs (Delia, Jamie, Prudence, Rick)Russian composers (Borodin, Shostakovich, Mussorgsky, Gubaidalina)colours that double as names (Violet, Coral, Rufus, Ash) oralphabetic progression (Agatha, Bill, Carol, Dave)

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Lately I've gone back to my early A2 names
Hero-Nepil 1st Warrior
Slim-Slith 2nd Warrior
Wizamer-Human Wizard
Prelan-Human Preist
pretty basic to me.

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Don't read this if you're religious, but...

I like to name my priests Jesus, so I can say things like "Jesus, heal me!" or "they killed Jesus!" (I'm an atheist, what do you expect?) If I have a slith, I like to name him Godzilla, and I often name other people 'Tom Servo' or 'Crow T. Robot' from MST3K!

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Slith - Ssssschsh
Nephil - Mrrrhurrr
Human - Bryan, Sarah, Small noob
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Nora, Oscar, Ian, and Monroe.

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