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AuthorTopic: Feel guilty?
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Perhaps I have an overactive superego, but I can never just go about killing anything and everything (playing "evil"). I know it's a game, but I still feel a twing guilty. I was wondering how other people felt when they were playing crpgs.
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Yes to both. The best bit of Diplomacy with the Dead, IMHO, is when you go SW to massacre yet another horde of goblins, only to hear them tell you how they don't want to fight, that they just want to be left alone, and that the mountains were no use to humans anyways.

I felt so sorry for them that I turned back. Screw rewards. Screw the approval of the local captain.
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I feel no remorse blowing up innocent bystanders on this game. Now if it was real life I wouldnt do it in the first place. But this is a game. So I blow everything up.
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i dont care about killing innocent people. sometimes its even quite fun.
what i never ever do when i dont have to though, is wipe out some "evil" village of some "evil" creatures.
take sliths for example. theyre just some lizard people who want to live in peace. but of course, theyre misunderstand and fought until near distinction.
thats FASCISM. imo.

(of course its just a game blah blah... but i always try to play games like i live my life. most of the times.)

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distinction? do you mean Extinction?

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Originally written by Ferox:

i dont care about killing innocent people. sometimes its even quite fun.


(of course its just a game blah blah... but i always try to play games like i live my life.)

So in real life you don't care about killing innocent people, and in fact find it quite fun?

Please tell me where you live, so that I can avoid it.


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...sick world...sick peoples... :)

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I don't hurt the GIFTS, Erika Redmark, or childeren. Everyone else is free game, though I only really go on killing sprees in Blades. In Blades you can kill, loot, and leave, and upon your return no one knows what you did!

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I voted "yes" twice but it depends on how you define innocents. I surely feel guilty when I kill foes much weaker then I, in their home. Especially that dog in the bandit fort Vale Infestation. I classify the dog as innocent, really, though it attacks.
On the other hand, I didn't kill the library wisp only because I wasn't able to, and I would feel only proud if I did kill it. The game classifies it as "friendly" because it talks to me, but tell me, really, what kind of friendly creature would summon hostile shades against you?
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The library 'wisp' I am guessing was a mistake when the game was made. Evil priests are automatically enemies and when Jeff put one in a town he forgot to reset the guy's attitude, making him fight you. If you charm him (it may take more than once) as soon as you enter, he will not attack and will also talk to you. Weird. :cool:

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There's no bug; the wisp is friendly and talkable, but it still eventually summons hostile monsters because it wants you to go away.

We want you to go away too. You suck.

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