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AuthorTopic: "The End of Blades" Discussion
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;_; It's a tragedy.

:P Solmyr, don't mistake Supanik for Imban. The real Imban is member no. 75.

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Originally written by Imban 3442:

A4 is awful, no?
Doesn't even begin to sum it up. You could slap the name Geneforge on it and it wouldn't seem out of place.

I can see why Jeff Vogel would want to move on from the engine Avernum uses, but why oh why have it in the same style as Geneforge? I'm sure it suits Geneforge quite well, but it just doesn't mesh with the previous Avernum games.

As Kelandon said, I think the biggest thing holding back BoA is the lack of an editor with intergrated scripting/dialog. Makes me wish I knew more then mere crumbs of coding knowledge in my possession now.

Edit: Heh, oops, my bad. You evil people and changing your names :P

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Avernum 4 is not like Geneforge. Avernum 4 is like Avernum 4. The combat system is incredibly advanced (and very fun). Unfortunately, the plot and story don't quite measure up.

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Avernum 4 = Avernum 3 + Geneforge engine - surface

There you go.

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Originally written by Eating My Food:

Avernum 4 = Avernum 3 + Geneforge engine - surface - plot - fun - originality - decent graphics - cojones

(I was going to say "minus cogent reasons for purchasing it," but then I realized that A3 didn't have those either.)

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Be careful. Maybe JV will ban you for saying that.

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*Bump*ed for the irony.

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