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You don't have to advertise your help topics. Anyone who knows what they're doing will be looking in that forum anyway.

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Yes, I do know that. But the replies I got so far didn't help much, because the eror still is there.
So therefor I thought I'd ask here for help, because maybe has the same problem as I have, ans knows the solution.

problem solved. ignore this message.

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Here goes. I'm back from book and comic obsession. Just went to the Small Press Expo-- put together by the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, and Book Expo America. Have escaped from Geneforge 3 limbo.

Terrors Martyr-- has a new scenario out -- Mad Ambition.

Ephesos-- has a new scenario out Druids of Krell up to version 2.0

Otto Halmen-- has a new scenario out A Large Rebellion.

The deadline for the scenario contest is June 1, 2005.

It will be interesting to find out which scenarios were officially entered into the contest.

So get ready. Hopefully, a bunch more will be coming soon.

A few new ones are being worked on.

MikeS-- Proving Grounds in Beta Testing
Seletine-- Nephilim Mystery in Beta Testing
Thralni-- Where Rivers Meet

These are the ones I think are still in development:

Dahak-- Longshanks
Arpeggiator-- Chronicle-- aiming to create it for contest in June. Basing it on a book.
Supanik-- "The Demon Star"
JadeWolf-- has a new title-- Andathenean Empire Part 1
Hawk King- The Way of the Guild
Arancaytar-- Eye of the Storm
WildKarrdeSmuggler-- Magi -- beta testing should start soon.
Archmagi Micael-- Maze.

Niemand-- Is working on a scenario with a ship in it. He uses wooden walls, wooden floors and cliffs for the boat. He also has modified the mad monk graphic for sailors.

glompingKhoth-- 1st- 5th level scenario.

Terrors Martyr-- requesting graphics for new scenario-- Day of the Ursidae. Level 8-16 party. Characters will be Ursagi, graphics switch on party. Also asked for soldier graphics, graphic of a car, graphics of an armored vehicle-- for a Cityscape Scenario.

Smoo-- Is working on another one ( 30th level and

This scenario has risen from the dead: It is being worked on.

Retr-O (Demonslayer) -- Saint Brevity and the Oochie squad -- getting a copy of both Windows BOA and Mac BOA to make conversion easier.

Hopefully with a little encouragement we can beat the statistic of 4/24 and make 6-8/24 :P

Wasting your time and mine looking for a good laugh.

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