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AuthorTopic: Miscellaneous is dead
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Some of you came here after Miscellaneous died, or not long enough before to know what it meant.
It meant a place where people could unwind without being looked at funny. It meant a place where the administration put up with idiots being put in their place.
And it meant a place which wouldn't accept most of the fools who are currently linking to it, ironically enough.

So stop linking to Miscellaneous. It is dead, and it represents a spirit that wouldn't have approved of linking to dead boards for no reason.
I consider linking to the Misc board about as appropriate as pissing in a respected man's ashes. It's not coming back, and linking to it will only make this more true.

So knock it off.

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Let's make a minute of silence for Misc...

*Suddenly, QoTTT notices that she's alone, and that there is no reason to make a minute of silence*

Well, I guess it was worth the try... *shrugs*

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You know, Alec, they probably do that cause they want people to think they're special, but I don't think it ever worked. You made a good point, but some will probably still hope for the return of misc.
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misc won't return. I don't know the details of misc, but I doubt that even if there was a section with the name misc that it would be just like the old misc. It's kind of like killing someone. You can't quite create another person like the person you killed. You can come pretty close, but you can recreate that person exactly.

So thus misc will forever be dead in every place except the memories of those who knew it well.
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I'm glad I did. I know what you're trying to say, yes, and the lucky ones who knew.
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Misc is not dead. General is dead.

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What is dead is the brains of those who post things like '*snif* we'll never see anything as good as misc oh no misc is gone forever *snif*' when they only arrived a few weeks before it closed.
Nostalgia is almost always pathetic, in this case more than generally.


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Is it me or is general becoming like misc. anyway?

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well yeah General is becoming like misc. Mainly becose people are trying to find replacement for misc.

Let's just be happy that they didnt close the hole board; only one forum!

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I remember general was a quiet board, but still more popular than some. General is becoming misc.2 but can never be the same. It is being trashed with crap, though.

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SAPHER, that here-thing stopped being fun even before I clicked it. :P

And misc., ohh, the forum were all could act not like trapped animals, but human!

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Human? Don't make me laugh. :P
I bet you clicked on it, then realized it went with my name. :)

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Apologies: double-posted due to flooding / connection problems - darn it! :o

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General is degenerating into locked RPs and locked topics consisting of prepubescents whining about their topics being locked and people baiting them about it. Oh dear. :(
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I miss the Ikonboard, personally. Those were good days. Does anyone else?

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Bah... there's nothing wrong with nastalgia. And I probably would miss the IB if I was there for any significant period of time.

General, right now, is like all the bad posts in misc. Perhaps we need another political argument to raise (lower) the IQ level here a few notches.

Anybody have anything they want to talk about, besides WhY BUUshn IZ os DU MB!!Mlolsz!!OGMMHF? Pressing issues, important topics?

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I could start ranting about my personal problems, but that wouldn't make a good debate, ehh?

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Why does the US want to invade the Hague if its soldiers commit war crimes?

Misc was nothing exceptional. There was good stuff there, but there was plenty of bad stuff too. No more than a third of the topics on Misc were worth reading, a mon avis.

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Don't talk crap about misc. It was the best and most insane forum Spiderweb ever had.
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I miss the Pokey ads...the ads for the elections ("Vote for Alcritas!"). I even remember the Mr. T ad. Ah, the days...

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For once (yes, I know I've said that before) I agree with Alec. Does anyone know if ef is still here? I haven't seen her in a while but that may be only because I don't pay much attention to her anyway.

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ef lurks in the mind's eye, and when the mind sleeps, ef is paramount.

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She posted up in the 'Recommended Reading' thread only yesterday. I think she was miffed at ZT's tantrums trashing the NSI RP.
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Not miffed, just frustrated, as I know how to get his attention, but cannot act. I'd need my real life authority to handle his problem.

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