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AuthorTopic: Poll for Atheists and Agnostics...
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BTW, the first Quakers were quite rabid, often indistinguishable from Ranters who denounced the Anglican hierarchy as "Antichrist" in frankly demented ways. During the (English) Civil War, Quaker founder Charles Fox called down "woe [on] the bloody city of Lichfield" (actually a picturesque Midlands cathedral town) dressed only in a loincloth. One early Quaker had his tongue bored through with hot iron for entering Bristol on a donkey, in imitation of Christ's entry into Jerusalem. Modern-day Quakers occassionally need reminding of this, with interesting consequences for neighbouring clergy....
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Yeah, and Anglicans and Puritans took to burning marriable women who didn't take husbands.

I can understand bad PR against us in Britain, given as how historically the Quakers don't tend to respect authority, but they were pretty forward-thinking. They did what you say they did against a church that sprung from a particularly unpleasant king, deciding that the Pope was being unreasonable by not breaking the rules of the Church to fit him, declaring himself the new Pope.
Yeah, maybe they had pretty deranged methods, but they didn't hurt anyone but themselves using them, and they fought for something modern humanity would agree with [reducing of the power and prestige of the aristocracy]. Most Anglicans and Puritans did what they did, using actions from fiery speech to violence, to preserve the status quo.

So our spiritual predecessors ranted like madmen against an unjust system. Is that worse than the witch-hunts Puritanism is responsible for, the oft-violent attacks on "enemies of the faith" Anglicans were responsbile for, the Inquisition and the Crusades that Catholicism was responsible for, or the blatant anti-Semitism that most Protestant denominations encouraged?

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In Colchester Castle, there's a place just inside the gate which is where a Quaker starved to death because he refused to be conscripted into either the Royalist or Puritan armies.

Around the same time, the Witchfinder General passed that way. I know who I'd consider the hero.
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Don't get me wrong - the cases I cited above were cited with approval, though I have even more time for the Ranters. The gentility and respectability of modern-day Quakers--given their glorious past history--is more of a concern to me.
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By the way, the founder of Quakerism was named George Fox, not Charles Fox. (I go to a Quaker high school, and we have to take a class on it.)

I did do some extracurricular reading on Quakerism, though, just to have some trivia to throw at our teacher and see if she knew it, and I vaguely recall the loincloth incident.

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Mangophobia: I did do some extracurricular reading on Quakerism, though, just to have some trivia to throw at our teacher and see if she knew it
That sounds like something my cousin would do. :rolleyes:

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Sorry about that. Years since I last read Christopher Hill's 'World Turned Upsidedown'.
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I salute your cousin's patience, Corey. In every respect.
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The internet filter on this computer wouldn't let me see the landover baptist church site. it said it was tasteless. :P

I consider myself open-minded in that I try to see why people believe what they believe. It almost always springs from desire. I also do not critizise anyone for believing in really stupid (very dangerous and subjective word) things, because the majority of the world thinks that about me (almost anyone can say that), and someone else believes in something even zanier with all their heart and soul (if it exists).

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