Why do javelins go away?

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AuthorTopic: Why do javelins go away?
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I've played every Spiderweb game since the first and recently started playing Nethergate Resurrection. Oddly this is the first time I've ever used javelins in one of your games. After a battle I looked for the "used" javelins and didn't find any and that brings up the question, "Why not?". Javelins are not any small item and should be recoverable. Comments??
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Historically, javelins were designed to break when they hit something so that your enemy couldn't throw them back at you.

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You can recover javelins and arrows in BoA, don't know about N:R.


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I think original Nethergate allows for the recovery of javelins that miss hitting their target. Switch to sling as soon as possible and then you won't waste money buying javelins.
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From what I remember Javelins are considerably stronger than SLings and batons so they are more expensive and harder to find/unrecoverable.

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They also have weight. A hell of a lot of weight.

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I remember the first time I played Geneforge 2 as an agent using almost only javelins, I used to leave caches of javelins at each entrance of the zones I was currently working on.

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I would only use Javelins if playing as a Gaurdian or Romans to help with the weight problem but they were still really ****ing heavy.

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If you pump up the Sling skill in Nethergate, or Thrown Missles(?) in Avernum, slings are actually pretty strong. Sure, you aren't going to be able to do javelin-esque damage without serious investment, but when I played N:R recently, I found myself using them more often than casting Lance of Fire, which has got to be a good thing.

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Your javelin didn't just go away, my friend. You threw it away. Remember?

Now you want it back. But you can't have it back.

You set it free; maybe you broke its heart, or its head; but it's stronger and wiser now than it was when it was with you. It's not coming back. It's its own missile weapon now, out there in the world, making its own choices. Maybe someday it will find another wielder. That will not be you. Learn to deal with this, and you may become stronger and wiser too.

Killing some more monsters may help you with that.

And remember these hard life lessons, when you equip your next javelin. Realize what you're getting into. And if you don't want to pay the price, settle for a sling.

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Usually, there are better weapons then javelins and how did Starman get banned?

I see , excuse me for creating an otherwise useless and uninformative post.

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I've found Razordisks to work much more effectively than Javelins. Of course, they're not readily available in all games, but I abused them to no end in Exile 2.

I liked how you could recover missed javelins in Nethergate, kudos for Jeff for adding that in.

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Razordisks are efficient at encroaching upon a creature's throat but they bear the burden of expense. Javelins, on the other hand, are relatively cheap and often found in dungeons.

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Originally written by Excalibur:

Razordisks cost more than javelins, and are more like frisbees than sticks.

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