Chinese Products Fail Again

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AuthorTopic: Chinese Products Fail Again
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"Chinese foiled again"

The latest craze, wrapping children in tin foil, has failed to catch on as quickly as expected. One entertainment pundit quipped, "I guess American children are smarter than they look, as if that wasn't likely."


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Whew. A new page, a new beginning. I hope.

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I apologize to those I have insulted, and if not to that degree, extremely irked. I admit that my deportment was irrational and overly prejudiced, even hypocritical. If Alec and ADoS never bothered to intervene, I would still be ranting and quoting every remotely related scripture. For that I thank you.
A certain novel once said that a Bible in the hand of one man is worse than a bottle of whiskey in the other. In my case, it was. In a way, I didn't realize my own views were overpowering my religion. and rational thought.
I in the past few months, have not been what you would call a Christian. I certainly have condemned people through my own thoughts, and have shown great distaste to people merely because they don't share my views on life. I haven't truly prayed for months, and because of that (and my own human nature) my bitterness built up.
I must admit, ADoS' humor turned me around. I realized that Christianity isn't an excuse to murder people in my heart, or to express your views in an unforgiving way. I said earlier that I was blindly following my parents to a degree, but really my father is a lot more passive. He spend much of his time translating the Bible, and he could probably do a better job than Alec does at using scripture.

Now to return to the subject:
Jesus preached forgiveness, and that doesn't tie well with the death penalty. Vengeance is the Lord's not mine.

Many aspects of Jewish law were abandoned with the coming of the Christ. Jesus said he didn't come to get rid of the law but fulfill it. However, some things were actually removed. For example, Paul said men shouldn't have long hair, Jesus made it so that sacrifice wasn't necessary, and it was revealed to Paul that no food is unclean. And of course, preaching forgiveness overrules killing people.

Alec, I'm afraid I don't know what you mean by killing every hindu that comes to my door.

Thank you Alec, thank you ADoS.

"On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and the tossing of the sea" Luke 21:25
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Wha-hoah! Apology accepted.

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