Natural Disasters

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AuthorTopic: Natural Disasters
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Western Colorado is not prone to disasters: we've got a few wildfires (like those currently raging not 30 miles from where I sit), rockslides and avalanches, and the occasional blizzard. Looking for a little perspective, I was hoping to open the conversations on natural disasters and their variance by local. Anyone have any good stories?

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I've never lived anywhere where there was a good chance of any huge natural disasters affecting me. There was some pretty big fires where I used to live in Montana, but they all eventually die. There was one good-size earthquake that lasted about 10 seconds one night. It didn't cause any damage, but it shook my bed around a bit.

But yeah, that's about the extent of my personal natural disaster experience.

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I did feel a California earthquake out in Arizona once about ten years ago. It shook the chandelier.

Mostly it's been tornados passing through when I lived in Chicago. Never had one get too close to notice.
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I live in Baton Rouge, Lousiana and though all we get from hurricanes is minor wind damage and power outages, We get swamped with the unfortunate people whos area did get a bit more damage from the hurricanes. We have gotten people from New orlanes for Katrina and the year before traffic was jamed for days on end when everyone was evactuating Flordia due to a series of hurricanes. I can confidently say that compared too private chairties and even just individauls just show up to volunteer are far more effective then Fema. During Katrina almost every church became a evacation shealtr.

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Yeah. I've seen some. Perfect Storm was fun, I was on the Maine coast for that. A hurricane down in Galveston, fun too. Hmm. Blizzards dumping 4 feet over 3 days a couple of times.

But that was before Al invented global worming. It used to just be abnormal weather.


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We don't get many natural disasters in the UK, (unless you count the royal family).

There was a bit of a hurricane 20 years ago and flash-flooding 2 years ago, but it's pretty safe here really.

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Holland is known for it's battles against the sea, so if the heating up of earth goes on like now and we don't start making higher floodprotections, I might be dead in thirty years. Unless I go to Limburg, of course, which is right next to Belgium.

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There were also those two tornados in Aberystwyth and London a couple of months ago.

The valley where I live floods several times each winter, meaning we can't get to work and the odd bit of road is ripped up by the floodwaters. It isn't a natural disaster I suppose as it happens often enough that it won't do much damage, but you get the odd person who is swept away (and usually rescued, thankfully).

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I lived in the panhandle of Florida (pretty much literally right on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico) and even now I only live about 100 miles north of there, so there are near-constant streams of hurricanes at times. In addition, even though I now take slightly less damage from hurricanes, I have a heightened danger of tornadoes; for those of you who are familiar with it, Enterprise is only about half an hour's drive away. It also storms a lot during the late spring and early summer months, but I think pretty much the entire power grid has been replaced due to lightning damage since I got here, so danger from that is minimal unless I go outside. There was also a massive wildfire burning somewhere nearby in Florida for a while. I'm not sure if that's still going on or not.

It's amazing I can be so blasé about that all the time and yet be afraid of knife murderers and poisonous bugs sneaking into my house and waiting for me. Do animals count as natural disasters?

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I saw this list once, and it said that my city was the safest in the US. Maybe one of the safest, I can't remember for sure.

Anyways, no earthquakes, we hardly ever get storms, any snow we get doesn't last, torandoes don't get into the valley, etc.

Really, all that can happen would be flooding the river, which we handle well by raising water levels before the snow melts. Fires are the majour one though, we live in a brushland, so the fire fighters are often overstreched. They're good at their job though, probably better then the average fire fighter, because nothing ever gets to us.

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There seems to be a great deal of discussion about floods. I suppose I should be thankful, since it would be bordering on impossible to flood my area. However, the very real presence of drought seems a poor replacement.

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Michigan just tends to have severe thunderstorms. Sure, you get your occasional tornado (in fact, there was one that ripped the roof off of the high school where I live), but there's rarely a full-scale disaster here. Flooding isn't too common, and we tend to be prone to droughts, which seems sort of odd considering that we're surrounded by 3 of the 4 Great Lakes (Lower Peninsula).

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Actaeon -Were you in Colorado at the time of the huge snowstorm of March 2003?

That is the only huge thing I rember, though my parents told me of a tornado back in Ohio...

Well, there have been some minor snowstorms here in Colorado...but nothing too serious (not like March 2003).

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Central Arizona is pretty save from anything. The biggest threats are wildfires and heatstroke. And I guess if you like near the Salt River and it floods like it used to 30-40 years ago you're screwed.

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Grew up in Cali, had my fair share of Rockin' and Rollin'...
Now I'm on South Beach, Florida, where the weather is amazing, but every once in awhile hurricanes just glance us... Have some cool pics of the last one that blazed thru...
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I've always lived in Colorado, Muffin. However, the blizzard of '03 didn't really effect the part of the Western Slope where I live (near Glenwood Springs, if you know the area at all), so it didn't really effect me in the same way that the Storm King and Coal Seam fires did.

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Saint Louis, Missouri... we get tornadoes, but they usually avoid the city itself. And we get really bad thunderstorms every so often, like last year when a string of storms knocked out nearly all of the city's power.

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