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AuthorTopic: Happy Birthday to Me
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Ohhh.. I'll make up for that by admitting that in the north we all wear fishermen's shirts and scarves, eat Labskaus and sing shanties. ;)

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Originally written by ef:

Do they live in the south of the country?
Actually, yes. I was really just going off of my own first hand experience there. Let me tell you, there is no shortage of sausages, sauerkraut, leberknuddeln (liver balls), leberkase (still not sure what this is even after eating it), pork knuckles and, uh... ice cream. They love their ice cream! They have ice cream cafes in Germany like we have coffee ones in America. I definitely felt like I was finally home when I was in Deutschland. Except for the early 90s American music that they were just getting into, that sucked.

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Hot chocolate, too. In Bavaria at least, I've seen shops that sell hundreds of kinds of it...

Oh, and liquorice. Or, specifically, what Wikipedia calls "salmiakki", which is a mixture of liquorice and ammonium chloride. It's popular in Nordic countries as well (and the name sounds like it's Finnish in origin), but Germany seems to be among the few countries where people are weird enough to like candy that contains more salt than sugar. I know I do. :P

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-X- is excited that this topic took a German turn while he was gone. -X- can speak German! Ask -X- something in German! Please!

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-X-, that's spam. Spam is bad.

Originally by Arancaytar:

Hot chocolate, too. In Bavaria at least, I've seen shops that sell hundreds of kinds of it...
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Originally written by Robert Daniel Oliver:

Hot chocolate, too. In Bavaria at least, I've seen shops that sell hundreds of kinds of it...
Wow. Our campus has a meager twelve.

I'm really curious as to just how long it takes for hot chocolate varieties to start splitting hairs...

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