Favorite song (to play)

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AuthorTopic: Favorite song (to play)
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To all the instrumentalist out there what is your favorite song to play, for what instrument, why? Lets hear some argument why?

For Hamonica:
- "The Folk Song"
-It's the only one I really know

For Guitar:
-The Vampire Song
I love the Eb to E chord progression
- Purple Haze
-Phycadelic, enough said.

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Cello: Tarantella by Squire, because my fingers can just fly all over the place by memory.
Elegie by Faure because it's such an emotive piece.

Piano: Tocatta and Fugue in d minor by J.S. Bach. It's actually an organ song, but I learned the first page or so on the piano, and it's loads of fun to play because it's such a recognizable tune.

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I love to play the Festive ouverture of Shostakovich on my trombone, simply because I have three solos, which can be hardly said about other classical pieces. Other than that, its really beautiful.

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On drums, I love playing blink-182 - feeling this. It's just fun.

On guitar, I love playing Coheed & Cambria - 21:13. Again, really fun and it sounds a lot harder than it is.

On piano, the Mario theme gets people excited.

On recorder, Hot Cross Buns, because that's the only thing I can play perfectly.

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Pachebel's Canon in d minor
There's this one really common latin jazz improv piece; the name in English is "The Little sunflower" or somesuch; I can never recall its name in Spanish.

I don't really have a favorite for any of my other instruments, as I don't play them that often.

The Silent Assassin's favorite song to play is Zoot Suit Riot, on trombone.
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I don't know if I have a favorite piece to play, but Bach's partitas as always fun and Corelli's variations on La Follia are a wonderful exercise in not breathing.

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For cello:
-8th movement of Dvorak's Slavonic Dances. Double stops in minor key, backed by timpani... :)
-anything from LOTR, the cello gets the best part
-not a very good reason, but I enjoy playing the non-soloist cello in Hadyn's cello concerto in D because it's really easy which annoys my violinist friend who is struggling to learn it by our concert on Friday(I'll play ANYTHING to annoy someone *evil grin*)
-Star Wars, need I say anything?
-lots more, but I don't have my music books in front of me

For piano:
-songs from Pippin
-songs from Sweeny Todd
-songs from Man of la Mancha
-okay, a LOT of show tunes
-Tom Leher songs
-English folk songs
-all of these are to accompany myself

For bowed psaltery:
-English folk songs, the bowed psaltery is PERFECT for them! :)
-The Ballad of Sweeny Todd. *sings randomly* freely flows the blood of those who moralize...
-my cello music
-my piano music

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This one Korean folk song our marching band did.

Either the score for the musical 'Pippin' or 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' by the one and only Simon and Garfunkel.

Allegro, by Handel.

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Originally written by Robinator, #034:

Allegro, by Handel.
Could you narrow it down a little more? Key, maybe?

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On Drums:
Rainmaker - Iron Maiden. (Why?) Up-tempo, great beat, and an awesome song.
Enter Sandman - Metallica. (Why?) I love that intro. Steady beat, with all those unexpected crashes, great.
A.D.I.D.A.S. - KoRn. (Why?) The beat is just awesome, playing it all over your set.

On Guitar:
Rainmaker - Iron Maiden (Why?) It's my all time favourite song, and it has great soloparts in it.
Any Exodus song that I'm able to play. (Why?) Because Exodus is extremely good guitar music, nice and aggresive, quite difficult though, but really cool to play.
Any Slipknot song I'm able to play. (Why?) Because the guitar parts are really good, and not to simple.
Any Godsmack song. (Why?) It just kicks ass.
Imperium - Machine Head. (Why?) It's one of the two songs from Machine Head I can play, and this one's the best.
Any Lamb of God song. (Why?) Cause they contain good guitar parts as well.
Shine On You crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd (Why?) Just briliant guitarwork, that's why!

On Bassguitar:
By The Way - Red Hot Chili Peppers (Why?) It just sounds great. And it's not as hard as it sounds.

On Piano:
My Immortal - Evanescence (Why?) It's the only song I'm able to play entirely on the piano.
Shine On You crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd I can only do the intro, but it sounds cool.

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Anything by Dragonforce. Upbeat, talented, fun, fast, etc.

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Wow! topic on this forum seem to be getting stale. Only so often do we get a really good topic. Like this thing, what the heck was I thinking?! Let's let this die and get some real discusion going.

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If you don't like this topic, then why are you posting in it to bring it back up?

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