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Happy Saint Patricks Day to all!


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I'm going to take Swift's advice to heart today and eat some Irish to celebrate.

EDIT: Spelling.

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I don't begrudge the Irish their day of celebration, but I wonder why, here in the US, we celebrate St. Patrick's day and honor the Irish but ignore the patron saints of other countries. As a Scottish-American, I truly am curious why St. Andrew's day (November 30, for those of you who don't know, which is probably most of you) is not a holiday for Americans and St. Patrick's day is.

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So that Americans have an excuse to run around and pinch other Americans who don't have calenders?

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As I hail from Boston I think I can answer that question. We don't want a bunch of whiskey-drunks running around the streets of major American cities on November 30th. The Irish keep it nice and quiet with their Guiness-drunk. Any more nationality stereotyping will cause the CoC to whimper.

Yeah, an edit. Nothing major though.

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Originally written by Kelandon:

Well, I'm at least pretty sure that Salmon is losing.

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Several years ago, I worked part time at a nonprofit, and one of my jobs was to put together the volunteer newsletter. My boss wanted me to put in something saying Merry Christmas, with notes for Hannukah and Kwanza. I didn't want to -- we had plenty of volunteers who celebrated other holidays -- but she insisted. So, I went and looked up as many other December holidays as I could find, from all sorts of traditions. We ended up with a double page spread full of smarmy clip art.

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I've never given squat about St. Patrick's day nor its meaning because March 17th is also the birthday of my sister so CAKE is all we care about.


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I, believe it or not, have Irish in my blood. So I think I can give an answer to the St. Andrew's day thing. Ironically I am an Andrew so it takes a couple of seconds of pause. Now the answer, BECUASE THE IRISH ARE BETTER!

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The Irish immigrants have been a significant presence in the American ethnic landscape. The Scottish don't have quite the same clout.

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I was lucky enough to randomly pick out a green undershirt to wear today.

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I thought St. Patricks day was just an official reason for Irish people to get pissed. It seems I am dreadfully wrong.

Its not really celebrated where I live; it went pretty much unnoticed for the most part.

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Woo-hoo! The one day that I am allowed to run through my school with my entire body dyed green while singing the Lucky Charms Song and throwing paper clovers into the air.

Aaaahhh, bliss.

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I'm going to take Swift's advice to heart today and eat some Irish to celebrate.

Either rephrase or face innuendo. ;)

I thought St. Patricks day was just an official reason for Irish people to get pissed.
They need reasons, now? :P
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An official reason. :P

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Oh, stereotyping. Will it ever get old?
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Originally written by The Worst Man Ever:

Oh, stereotyping. Will it ever get old?
No, says this robot. :P

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Originally written by Shuan Wuan:

Happy Saint Patricks Day to all!
I though it'd never come! :P

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Originally written by Skribbaneking:


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Massachusetts residents get St. Patrick's Day off. Not because of St. Patrick's Day though. In Massachusetts, March 17 is also Evacuation Day, the day the British army evacuated Boston during the American Revolution. It's a state holiday, and all nonvital workers get the day off.

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