A Brave New Year

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AuthorTopic: A Brave New Year
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Happy New Year to each of you, brought here disparately together by the unlikely and relatively trivial commonality of a love of fantasy role play games, at least the Spiderweb variety if nothing further. I played Ultima IV a long time ago, and Diablo I not so long ago. Apart from that, I considered fantasy role play games the domain of the geekish set. How humbling to be so seduced by the offerings of the Spiderweb. But enough about me.

Two hours to go here till 2006. I like even numbered years better than odd numbered years. Is that wrong? Perhaps others feel contrarily.

I still find it remarkable I lived to see the transition of millennia in my lifetime. That is a rare privilege, yet entirely insignificant on another level, considering the arbitration of numbers. And the 2000's are so entirely different from what I imagined they would be in my youngest years, looking forward to them.

Perhaps, unless one thinks mystically in pondering sayings from, say, the Bible, which suggest, "A day with the Lord is as a thousand years" (is He THAT boring? ;) ) and if the history of humankind is 4000 years B.C. (as the Catholics chart it) and roughly 2000 years since Christ, then we have entered the seventh day of God's rest, which should mean we're all to be entering the seventh day of fullness and completing and perfecting of things, and a day of rest after much toil. Or it could just be another day in a post-industrial age of complex human challenges.

Whichever way, here we are now, or shortly, in 2006, and we still aren't flying around in personal spaceships (oh thank God—we haven't learned to navigate two dimensions reliably yet, most of us) or using laser guns in combat. We are in this century facing the international threat of terrorism, ecological conundrums (are we tired of pooping in our own nests yet or what?) and scientific challenges for ethics (cloning?) and the disintegration of mega-nations into ethnic nation states in this century (Texas becomes its own nation in twenty years—you'll see).

These are the momentary thoughts of this one peson facing a new year in a still pretty new millennium in the wonderful, terrifying, fascinating history of humankind.

Of which you each partake, like it or not. I think it's a pretty cool privilege, personally.

Love. Joy. Peace.


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Happy New Year everyone!

Now I will drift back into cyberspace for another year of lurking...

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Happy New Year, everyone!

Another year in a long line of years. Hopefully, this one will be just as interesting.

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This year is already better than last year. Last year I awoke at midnight with a headache because my neighbors were shooting off fireworks. I couldn't go back to sleep until one because of the light, sound, and the throbbing pain. This year, I'm watching a great (if thoroughly stupid) movie with popcorn and soda.

With that, Dikiyoba wishes everyone a happy New Year and all other such great stuff.
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And what great, thoroughly stupid movie would that be?

P.S. Andraste: that balloon needs some helium! It's more of a pendulum at present.

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I suppose I should say happy new year even though I have long ago celebrated that. It was a rather boring turn into the new year for me but I hope that everyone else has a good one.
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I will repeat this from an edited topic: Amazing how our base 10 number system causes us to put relevance on years like 2000. If we were in a base 8 system, our perspective on such matters would be different.

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Me, my family, my dead cat, the almighty chicken gods and the child I saw falling of his bike just now, wish you all happy christmas and a merry new year! Or something like that...

This year will hopefully be nice, as in six months I'll get a new computer.

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Happy New Year, everyone!
On 7 january I will be 16!

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Happy New Year All!

... hmm, that's pretty much it.

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*raises a glass and joins in the cheer*
Wishing you all a Happy New Year!
(Last night I completely forgot I fear.
Guess I really better get it into gear.
All right, OK, go ahead and jeer.
I'll wait till your done laughing to bend your ear,
But celebrating this day has never been that dear.
I'd rather be in bed with my pillow near.
Sure I miss wild parties, or so I hear,
And kisses at midnight and pats on the rear.
Yet I've never felt any of it worth shedding a tear.
So I'll say Good Tidings anyway to you my peer.
Here's hoping that noone has drunk too much beer.

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Wheeeee! We set the grass on fire with our fireworks, but no one noticed.

Happy New Year everybody! Except for you Gizmo. I'll drink as much as I want to.

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Happy New Year, and all that stuff.

I spent it waiting for a phone call that never arrived. And watching Big Ben strike. It was pretty.

That is all.

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Happy new year everybody, good luck with everything that'll happen this new year, have a good one =)

Peace out

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Originally written by Happa Tai Yattai:

Wheeeee! We set the grass on fire with our fireworks, but no one noticed.

Happy New Year everybody! Except for you Gizmo. I'll drink as much as I want to.

Drinking 'too much' would be an amount in which in your inebriated state you did something you regret once you're sober. In other words 'Hope nobody did anything stupid while drunk' not 'Hope nobody drinks'.

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Bah, I'm underage for drinking anyway.

And everybody say....Yatta!
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