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AuthorTopic: INTJ? ESFP?
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It's been a while and the membership has changed some. Also, my knowledge of how this all works has greatly increased. So let's find out...

What's your type?

I tested as INTJ again, even the same percentages. However, the percentages really aren't very important.

Many find the descriptions that are linked to to be uncannily accurate, though some find only a few points really seem to describe them. Reasons for this and a short description of what those letters really mean once we have had some people give their types.

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I've taken this test and others like it too many times to give meaningful results. I'm presumably still INTJ as well.

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INFJ, although the majority were in the "slightly" category.

edit: out of the 16 categories, I am a 2% minority as a Counselor Idealist.

Hooray for minorities. Bring it AWN.

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INTJ is my typical ranking.

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Well, I answered all the questions and it came out as O+. Did I do something wrong?
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mine came out as ISTP too antisocial

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I came out as ENFJ. Also the description said something about a teacher, but I couldn't be bothered reading it. It's really pink as well, did I get something that questions my sexuality?
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I did the questionnaire again and I came out as RSVP. I'm definitely doing something wrong...
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I am apparently INFP as well. A "healer idealist," or so it seems.

I can live with that. I think I've taken this quiz before, because the result looks familiar.

EDIT: Well, if you come out as MVP, you'll have a decent contract in the future.

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I've always come out as an INTJ. I agree that the percentages aren't all that important

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Every time I take the test, I always come out as ISTJ.

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Good ol' Jungian personality typing. I test again as an ENFJ. Kingy, we might get along splendidly. NF's in general "get" each other. I'm strong on the N and F much moreso than the E and J, and on F most of all (50).

Percentages do matter. Being mild or close to center on the scale can be very different from being extreme on it. The idea is that you can/want to move along these scales through your life closer to the centers and to become more balanced and versatile in time. A fellow student in my psych program was in her 60's and had successfully done this in her life, having shifted significantly in her test results over the decades.

Other ENFJ's: King David (I wonder how they figured that out, but I like it), Abraham Lincoln, Sean Connery (yay!), Johnny Depp (yay!).

Having less than two letters in common with someone means you will likely have extra challenge in the relationship—not that it is not possible, but it will take more work on both person's part to make it work.

P.S. - I'm looking forward to what you have to say about it, Alex.

P.P.S. - This must explain why I like to get so "teachy". I'm a mild E though, so my pursuit of being a therapist is closely related.

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INTP for me plz
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Icshi: According to your O+ blood type, you are robust, ambitious, and self-confident, which makes you a natural leader. Just don't let yourself slip into ruthlessness, arrogance, vanity, or insensitivity!

—Alorael, whose blood type is C++.
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*this message sponsored by the "make your own" personality company*

Originally written by Kelandon:

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INFP here too.

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Your Type is

Extroverted 11%
Sensing 12%
Thinking 62%
Judging 56%

Qualitative analysis of your type formula
 You are:
slightly expressed extrovert
slightly expressed sensing personality
distinctively expressed thinking personality
moderately expressed judging personality


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Hmm, I remain INTP, as for many years, but quite a bit less pronounced T and a bit less pronounced P than before. I've heard it's typical for people to move more to neutrality as they age.

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Your Type is
Extroverted (44
Intuitive (25)
Thinking (12)
Judging (11)

I think I got that last time I did the test.

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I'm ISFP. No-ones been that yet, have they?
Introverted 11
Sensing 1
Feeling 12
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Originally written by Archmage Alex' Poll:

Your personality sucks

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The tests are too broad and subjective to be of any real use, you're aware of that, right?

Someone asks you to fill out a Myers-Briggs or other such test as part of a job, politely find the door: they're willing to rely on specious methods to manage human resources and are probably not destined for great things.

Someone takes these tests as gospel, well, take their advice on anything else with a psychological component.

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I disagree with your statements as long as these tests are taken with the appropriate caveats. Of course these tests cannot be used as a sole indicator of success in particular jobs.

However, they are useful in getting a broad idea of what sort of jobs might appeal to a person more and the general manager-employee interaction. A more introverted person would generally prefer jobs where they are given a task and they alone work on it which tends to be the opposite for extroverts. Some personality types are more apt to lead than others.

Is it perfect? No. A simple questionaire cannot hope to fully categorize something as complicated as a human personality. However, behavioral science has identified statistical trends with these tests. There is no answer this group of questions this way and you will be good at a certain job; however, there are trends that can be established so that on average they would have a decent amount of accurracy.

I would refine your statement to say that if an employer uses Myers-Briggs or any other personality test as the sole indicator then I would be worried. If it were used as just a component and applied with knowledge of its limitations, then it is a useful tool.

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I took an employment test in Psychology. If I remember right my final score was a "Never Hire". Supposedly I was a drug addict and prone to stealing money from the register, mhh.

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