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AuthorTopic: Name everything
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in your wallet at the moment.
I got 50 bucks, my school ID, credit/debit cards, my metrocard, a small pict of me and my friends, a pict of my lil bro, and one of my god daughter. Someone's phone number and a couple of Quaters. Oh yeah, Almost forgot, my driver's license and my graduation pict.
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$20.78, NY State Learner's Permit, a ticket stub from the time I met my favorite writer at a reading series, photocopies of my medical insurance cards, a MetroCard, a post-it with my favorite high school chem teacher's email, a ticket stub from when I saw The Pixies in June, a ticket stub from when I saw The Go-Betweens in June, three ATM withdrawal slips, a piece of a napkin that says, "The salt shaker was empty.", two UMass Amherst student IDs (only one works), one Brooklyn College student ID, a library card, a credit card, a debit card, a security card for my storage locker, the business cards of six men that I've had some indiscrete moments with, the business cards of five places that I've worked/clients, the business card of my dentist whom I have a huge crush on. TMI indeed!
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I have:

A fair amount of cash

My California state ID card

Credit card

Ticket stubs from various Star Wars movies and The Chronicles of Riddick (naturally)

My college ID card

List of the medications I'm on for nurses to find if I end up in the ER unconscious (since I won't be able to fill out any paperwork in such a condition, and they'll need to know what foul pollutants are flowing through my veins and adjust their medical treatment accordingly)

Insurance card (which proves that I'm worth giving medical treatment)

And finally, the business cards of more booksellers than you can shake a stick at (all of which are run by people I know)

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Frederick, Pierre, Humphred M. Quibbley, Liza, Joey, Spot, Scout, Inez, and Annike.

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Heehee. That reminds me of my bowling ball collection: Bob, Billy, Susie, Dramradon, Thomas, Madeleine, and Michael. They all have personal histories too.

I'd list the contents of my wallet, but I don't have it on me :) maybe later.

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I have $75 (went to the bank), college ID, California ID, credit/debit card, regular credit card, a couple of my business cards, keys, and a couple quarters.

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Two forms of identification, a library card, an employment eligibility card, a wargaming society membership card, and a debit card.
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well, i have my ID, ID...and my ID!
i almost never use my wallet, i have my money safe in my bedroom! :D

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-Proof of Insurance card
-Country club membership card
-2 hearts folded out of gum wrappers
-NC drivers license
-Amoco/BP gas credit card
-an old Holiday Inn key (card)
-a note from my girlfriend
-2 old and unusable Winn Dixie cards
-a $5 off coupon for Villarosa, a local Italian restaurant.

No money...

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I have a lot of cards that don't work anymore... Plus a student card, a photocopier card, a library card, Turku Science Fiction Society membership card, an ID and a couple of euros.

And a few old bus tickets. Sometimes I write things on them when I'm in bus and bored.

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Absolutely nothing.

My wallet is lying empty in a drawer somewhere, my money (I don't have much just a couple of fives and some change) is on my dresser, my student ID is in the pocket of the jeans I wore yesterday, and I don't really have anything else that I would put in a wallet.

My wallet is pretty much worthless, to the point where I find it easier to not use it. It's one of those magic wallets, which I bought because it was cheap and I needed a wallet. Now when it's closed, the two halves are off by about 45 degrees, which looks wierd and is inconvenient. i have a money clip, so I can usually just use that, and i only got a student id yesterday, so it'll be a while before I get a new one.

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* A little over $100 in notes

* $20 in coins for the voracious parking meters around university

* a student ID card

* a driving licence

* an outdated car insurance membership card (I've renewed the insurance since, but I don't keep the new card in my wallet)

* an Internet banking card (essentially a fancy piece of paper with my user ID on it)

* a health insurance card

* an outdated concession card (I should throw that out)

* a bank account debit card

* a bank account passbook

* a credit union debit card.

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$50 note
Strawberry flavoured condom I stole off my mate
My school ID card
A couple of coins
A discount card

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-100 quid in twenties
-Safeway club card
-Visa debit card
-Care card
-Driver's license
-HBC rewards card
-Social insurance card
-Student Price Card

That's it I don't carry my wallet unless I'm going to buy something.

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Drivers licence
$1 in 5 cent pieces
20 pennys
An American dollar bill
A picture of an old girlfriend stuck to the clear bit because I can't get the damn thing off

Yea, my wallets bare and the only money that's there is only there because it's essentially useless.
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Two credit cards
One store credit card
Bus Pass
Driver's License
Medicare Card
Magnolia Bakery business card (yummy cupcakes)
Video store membership card
Frequent Flyer membership card
Complimentary airport lounge invitation
Next door neighbour's business card
Child care access pass
Card with online banking ID number
ATM card
My own business cards
A wad of credit card receipts
Voucher for a free gift from L'Occitane en Provence
MetroCard (empty)

...and a partridge in a pear tree.
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How bigs your bloody wallet?
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Everything fits snugly in my relatively thin wallet...

...except for the partridge in a pear tree. For that I had to license some technology from Galliphrey.
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Air, three small blank pieces of paper, and a few white d20's.

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That seems uncomfortable.

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17,70?, an insurance card, an ATM card, an ID card, my student ID and a train ticket. :)

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In my wallet I have... oh, wait I don't have a wallet. It makes it easier for me to find my student ID in my pocket.

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Yay! A chance to use the "list UBB Code™". Here goes...

Chilean ID Card.Odeon ticket.Chilean student discount card.N.U.S (national union of students, UK) card.Lincoln Uni. Enrolment Card.Chilean football ticket. "U. de Concepción vs Coquimbo Unido."Papers with random info.International Student Identity Card.Photobooth photos of me, cause you never know when you will need more cards, right?.More papers with passwords, PINS, codes and such...Lincoln student union co-op.Couple of contact cards from random people.Ticket for Eric Clapton concert, Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile. Yeah!Photos of little bro and sis.£ 10.40EDIT: forgot to close list. :P

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*rummages throuh 'wallet'*

1 PenCheckbookDrivers LicenseSam's Club cardPrePaid Legal Membership Card w/Legal Shiled CardMy Business CardGeneric Info CardSuper 8 VIP CardAT&T Pre-Paid Phone Card11 Expired Health Insurance Cards all to be thrown out today4 Valid Health Insurance Cards3 Library Cards5 Savings Accounts CardsDentist Appointment ReminderEye Perscription\Check Up ReminderList of kids' SS#'sBusiness Card for All American Carpet Care1 Expired Check Card to be thrown out today3 Valid Check Cards2 Credit Cards6 $20's, 1 $10, 3 $5's, 16 $2's, 12 $1's, and 24 quarters all to be deposited today.Edit: Forgot one, they were hiding in the checkbook - 2 Proof of Insurance cards for vehicles

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Student ID
NUS card
Season ticket
Ten Swiss... currency things
Bank card
'Phone card
Metal tag that I got out of a cereal box

Fortunately, I have no money in there, because knowing my brother, it wouldn't be there, in the morning.

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