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i've tried some demos.....which geneforge game is the most fun? also been thinking of getting avernum 3

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imnsho If you want fun then Blades of Exile is the way to go. There are roughly 300 scenarios available for the game at present (at least a third are descent) and you will have the opportunity to make your own. Or if you want 3-d graphics you could go for Blades of Avernum but it doesn't have nearly as many scenarios yet. It will get there but it will take years. Geneforge never did catch my intrest personally.

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The first Geneforge game definitely has the best setting and storyline, but the second one is the most fun in terms of gameplay. There are lots more spells to use than the first one—many of them quite powerful—and there are four crazy sects at each other's throats that all want your help to defeat the others. Since Jeff does a good job of filling in the necessary background details in each game, you don't have to play the first one to play any of the others—doing so would enhance your enjoyment of the series since you'll have the whole context, but if you're out for the most fun and don't mind not starting out with the full picture, Geneforge 2 is the one for you.

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I think BoA will get more scenarios in the long run though because it is more accessable than BoE.

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E Equals MC What!!!!
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The editor isn't.

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Personally I feel that A2 was the best game. It just seemed to drag you into it way more. I spent many, many days addicted to that game.
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BoE. Of course, if you wanted, you could get some other game full price and get BoE with it for only $15. But BoE is definitely a good buy.

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BoA/BoE. BoA is easier to play, but BoE has more scenarios. And tends to look nicer.

Any of the Avernum's are good, the best in my opinion being Avernum 2. Don't, however, start at 3. It is the worse one.

Oh, and try Nethergate. It's easily the best of Jeff's games. It's fun, and despite it's shortness, you do get to play as both Romans and Celts!

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Geneforge 1 had the best story, but Geneforge 2 is my favorite. More spells, more everything, almost. GF3 isn't so good in my opinion, but it is still good. BoA/BoE are good, but some people can't stand BoE graphics (alas, me included), but BoA has a better editor, even if it is a bit harder to use. :D

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thnks..some very good suggestions...
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Avernum 2 was my first and most favorite of the all the SW games. When I first tried out the demo, it seemed so simple and crude, yet I was always itching to go further into the game and see what would happen next. It was when that Shareware Demon popped up, I knew that I had to register this game.

I thought A1 was okay and A3 was pretty big, with the surface world and all. BoA is a good investment to try out too. If it had more scenairos, it'd probably be a top favorite for a lot of SW gamers.

As for the Geneforge series, I liked the different paths that you could take from the 1st one, joining the different sects and all. The 2nd one, for some reason, was my personal favorite as I've beaten the whole game twice. I never really got into GF3 as it started to get dull playing a recycled storyline. I nearly fell asleep in trying to beat it. I don't know if anyone else had a similar feeling.

Edit: I've only played the demo for Nethergate, so I can't give a complete answer for it, but it seemed like a really nice game to play. It actually seems better than the first Avernum. Maybe other people might think differently otherwise.

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I remember playing Exile II, and that being the first game that really kept me playing. Before that, I had played Exile I, but it didn't convince me to register.

I guess I would recommend Avernum 2, the upgraded version. (Just out of nostalgia, installed Exile 2 and... Uninstalled it after 10 minutes. :P ).

Also, you should try the Nethergate demo. :)

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If I could only buy one game it would be BoE, and close second would be BoA. I like working with both BoX editors, but the number of scenarios available for BoE makes it a better choice, IMO. BoA has a lot of potential though, as new designers will likely put their effort into making scenarios for it before considering BoE.

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