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It has just come to my realization that, the entirety of the universe has been created by The Flying Spaghetti Monster. Also, this creature is responsible for Intelligent Falling.

That is all.

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Suddenly, life seems to make sense. The sun has started shining. Everything is clear...

Points of interest I immediately took to heart include:

From the Wikipedia Entry"Like the great noodles they worship, Flying Spaghetti Monsterists have flimsy moral standards."

"Promise of a stripper factory and a beer volcano in Heaven."

Also, "Global warming, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters are a direct consequence of the decline in numbers of pirates since the 1800s."

To me, this makes sense. There are definately fewer pirates, and more natural disasters. The facts are there people... Although maybe they are just shyer nowadays?

"I am a living sign..."

Thus endeth this post.
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Wow,I have no idea what you're talking about... :confused:

Live long and prosper.
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Follow the links. Read. Rinse and repeat.

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Hehe, I liked the link to The Invisible Pink Unicorn

"Another member of the ISCA board, Wes Schrader, attempted a religious schism by founding the Cult of the Very Stealthy Maroon Pegasus. His revolution was largely unsuccessful."

"Another point of agreement is that IPU "raptures" socks, which accounts for their otherwise inexplicable tendency to disappear. Socks raptured from your laundry are allegedly a "sign" of favor from IPU — or it could be disfavor, depending on who is asked, or perhaps upon which socks are raptured."

"The Purple Oyster, also known as the Purple Oyster (Of Doom) or PO(oD), is said to have been one of the minions of the Invisible Pink Unicorn, cast out Her Pastures for the Great Evil of attempting to convince believers of the heretical notion that pepperoni and mushroom pizza is more pleasing to Her than the pineapple and ham. It is said that a Judgement Day will transpire, the Day of Oats and Hay, when the Purple Oyster (of Doom) will be reconciled with the Invisible Pink Unicorn, and return to Her service.

In the Eley manifesto, IPUs were said to punish nonbelievers by pricking them with their horns; the pain of which was typically blamed on mosquitoes, which do not actually bite people but were said to be drawn to IPUs as horseflies are to horses."

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I can see cleaaaaarly now the rain is gooooooooooooooooooone.

And everybody say....Yatta!
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The Invisible Pink Unicorn would make a good BoA-monster. And the Flying Spaghetti Demon, LOL, somebody should draw them for BoA.

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The Invisible Pink Unicorn, of course, would have to be drawn as a pink unicorn, but made invisible in BoA, a la Black Shade.

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Originally written by The Almighty Doer of Stuff:

The Invisible Pink Unicorn, of course, would have to be drawn as a pink unicorn, but made invisible in BoA, a la Black Shade.
Yep. So lets bother doing the colour swap, only for the thing to be turned invisible...

Hmm, maybe if there was a special item that let you see invisible things... but then it wouldn't BE invisible...

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Thus endeth this post.
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Well, you could make it that it's some sort of evil boss, either only becoming visible, for a second, in one frame or that you require a special enchantment, which you can only get, by completing a long, ridiculously tough quest, to see it.

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Lowly novices. You didn't hear about this until now? Fools!

I've said this before and I will say it now: We hail to you O mighty Flying Spaghetti Monster!

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The invisible Pink Unicorn, of course, would be visible at all normal times, but become invisible in combat (using a transparent graphic).

Of course, you'd still be able to target it... ah well.

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But it's supposed to be invisible! I say you just claim that the thing is in the scenario and attribute all sorts of normal things (weather, grass, and whatnot) to it, but never actually put it anywhere in the scenario. That would be the closest interpretation of it's mystical properties.

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