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AuthorTopic: Phobias
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Allodoxaphobia, or fear of opinions.
Katagelophobia, or fear of ridicule.
Atelophobia, or fear for imperfection.

Perhaps I shouldn't have posted this…

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In my opinion, your fears are ridiculous.

"The bad news is you and Latin music go together like chocolate ice cream and an onion."—Simon Cowell about John Stevens
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I'm terrified of my relatives and small children. It was even worse when I was a small child. :P

If anyone ever asks you why you did something, say "Because I could".
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Originally written by Kingy:

I was on the beach. The only damage that happened was a broken front mud guard. Also today I crashed again after getting about 2m high air. My bike is a CT185 and believe me those things are hard to kill. Also, about damage to me, I only have sore ribs, and cuts (and a burn) on my leg. Crashing a motorbike on the beach is fine because you barely ever get hurt. I've never been hurt in any way that doesn't allow me to get back up and carry on driving.
Oh. Sounds like great fun, though. :)


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It is. It's by far the most fun thing I have ever done. I reccommend that some of you guys go out and buy an old bike that's a pile of rubbish and go to a beach and do some jumps on it. I love it so much. Also, for me, it's only $8 for a full tank of gas.

Edit: I just remembered, a picture of it can be found in This Thread.

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My only real phobia is one of cockroaches. I avoid bees, and I'm uncomfortable in crowds, but roaches are the only things that can get me into a panic, for some reason. Most insects don't bother me too much; it's just the cockroach that gets me.

Perhaps it's because they crawl around even when their innards are lose and don't stop twitching when they should be dead by my standards. Gah!

Playing Bad Mojo helped ease the fear slightly, but Didn't make them seem any less like vermin that deserve to be destroyed before they take over the world.

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Almost any specific phobia: animals (specially dogs & birds), corpses, falling (similar to vertigo), fire, loud noises, water (I mean swimming, I'm not afraid of washing nor showers) ...
Worst thing is almost something not previously lived makes its way to me I discover not a new experience but a new phobia.
But well, I've also found I can love a lot something I fear. Some people go to adventure journeys or go up a roller coaster. I just wake up every morning and go through my daily life.
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