What would you like to see developed after Geneforge 3 and Avernum 4?

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AuthorTopic: What would you like to see developed after Geneforge 3 and Avernum 4?
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I am curious to see what people are wating for.

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I think Jeff has implied strongly that after GF3 and A4, he will be working on a GF4. That's not what I'd most like to see, but that's what he's likely to do.

After that, I kind of expect an A5. I may or may not hate that idea -- I'll decide when I see A4.

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It's time Jeff returned to the Avernum world. A4 will accomplish that. After all A1-3 were just remakes right. Jeff doesn't need to continue in a linear fashion either. By that I mean he doesn't have to make A4 then A5. There could be something entirely different, but set in the Avernum world.

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Well, it seems from the results most of those who voted (me included) would like to see a new game.

However, I think that's unlikely. This is, pretty much, a one man show. His livelyhood depends on the success of these games. He gave it a try to a new game twice (not counting Exile, his first, nor Avenrnum, a remake) and once didn't do so well, the second one did.

Geneforge and Avernum keep the cash flowing, and that's a good thing. It takes him about 6 months or so release one of these games. To start a new one, even if he uses an existing Engine and just twitches it slightly, would still be a big risk.

If it sells like crazy, fantastic, but what if it doesn't?

So, as much as I'd love to see a different world from his mind (since I loved everything he's done), I don't think it'll happen.

So, I guess, it will be GF4 (he may alternate between the two series), and then maybe in 2007 we'll see a Blades of Geneforge, or Shapes of Geneforge, or whatever name it'll have (those editors take a long time and are an ardous endeavour)



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Blades of Geneforge, but I'd never get around to making scenarios anyway. I'm tempted to say Avernum 5, but someone is going to lynch me.

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Maybe he could make more of a puzzle game instead of another RPG. However, it's very unlikely.


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I personally think Jeff will continue with Avernum.

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I'd say a Blades of Geneforge will come sometime, but whether it's preceded by another installment in a series really depends on how well BoA sells, how well GF3 sells, and how well A4 sells. What I'd like to see is a new game. Avernum 5 (or even A4) could fit the bill, but I won't hold my breath. A4 will probably spark a new trilogy (A5 and A6) and maybe then something really new will come along.

—Alorael, who doesn't begrudge Jeff his money and even expects to enjoy A4. It's just a shame Nethergate didn't sell better and prompt more games of similar style. Yet another generic RPG gets old.
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I wanna see something else entirely, preferably with a combat/spell/strategy system that gets MORE difficult as you go on.

But even moreso, I want to see a world that is either actively interactive or controlling and active.

Eh, I can dream.

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i tihkn BoG will come next, however, i really think Jeff should do another puzzle or strategy. I think it would be fun to see what he can do with better engienes that teh Oceanbound one, which i got to play as ai recently aquired a Mac. So, ill be playign Geneforge III in a few days, as i have a school trip to go on, preventign me from playign ti right away. that, adn i have to set it back up because ive been usign its USB keyboard on my Windows Boxes.

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Jeff's never actually made anything other than RPGs. All those puzzle and strategy games were made by other people and published by Jeff.

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I like the Geneforge series, mainly because of the excellent storyline.
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As I said yesterday in the GF3 forum, I don't like his concepts for games. He thinks he can make another sequel to a hit game, and another and another. That's all fine with some people, but I like variety. Sure they're different storylines, but theyre kind of dull after awhile. You play the same set of characters, and for geneforge maybe 3 new creations added each sequel. BORING!!!

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I would very much like to see the next Avernum. It seems eventually that story will run out. They are allowed back on the surface now. After that maybe another Geneforge, or another game.

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Originally written by -:

You play the same set of characters, and for geneforge maybe 3 new creations added each sequel. BORING!!!
And there's not even a single new creation for GF3. A few new graphics and monsters and an altered interface are the only changes. Ack.


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It appears that Jeff will significantly revamp the Avernum graphics for the next Avernum Game.
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Yes, it seems so. I myself hope there's a Geneforge remake.

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I don't see a "Blades of Geneforge" ever happening.

I'd love to see Nethergate II, but that won't happen, either.

Of course I'm hoping for a new IP.

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Originally written by [b:
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And there's not even a single new creation for GF3. A few new graphics and monsters and an altered interface are the only changes. Ack.
Major thumbs down to Jeff. Variety counts as part of what makes a game fun or boring too. I know it seems like I've been just giving negative comments about Jeff's work, but his games have really gotten boring. Before, I couldn't wait until they came out. Now I don't even want to play them.

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When Exile was out, Jeff games were nice. However, since Nethergate pretty much all his games plays and looks & feel almost the same. So, you played one you played them all in my opinion.

Jeff should make something new. Or add a new dimension to his games. I too would like a 2nd Nethergate, or at least a 2nd game inspired by the world's history.
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This is a dead topic. It has been dead for some twenty days. Please do not ressurect inactive topics to post on them.
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