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good websites in General
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It's nothing.

game dev
To whoever makes a computer game.

"The best page in the universe"
A guy saying his opinion on everything.

Web pages that sucks
Name say it all. However don't think everything he says is entirely true. Also, some articles are outdated.

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science, philosophy or religion? in General
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There are no facts in science only probability yet many take things as fact. As it stands science is for many very similar to a religion.
Science are facts. Take the theory of evolution for example. It's been proven than a creature from several millions years ago evolvued to make the humans. Also, how can you say that a complete dinosaur skeleton isn't proving the existence of dinosaures several millions years ago? How can't you say that water boils at 100 celsius degres? How can't you say the earth is in an orbit around the sun (unless you think that earth isn't round) ?

Religion, on the other hand, doesn't prove anything. It's just the stuff a human though up about and that others mindlessly take as "the thruth". And there are so many contradictions. When I was at elementary school I learned about the miracles of Jesus. After, on my first day of high school my teacher said that Jesus never existed and was only something to make the small children believe in god. Religion is soo confusing and nobody seems to have the same perception even if they believe in the same religion.

If there would be only one religion, only one theory about the creation of the universe, then, and only then I will believe in religion. However, everybody seems to think differently.

Also, even if science is probability at some times (take thoses studies on DNA), it's much better than some random stuff some guy told you. If I would like too, even I, an ordinary guy, could start a religion. And manipulating could be extremly easy. Just take weak persons and make up some story and they'll follow you.

As for philosophy, it's important because if you can't reason, then you are a mindless machine that follows the society.

So, I'd go with both science and philosophy, but screw religion. It was great when the humanity did not have science to explain everything. No wonder the big religions like chrisitianis, are getting smaller (at least in Québec, Canada).
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Favorite Spiderweb Game in General
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Nethergate and Avernum3
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What would you like to see developed after Geneforge 3 and Avernum 4? in General
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When Exile was out, Jeff games were nice. However, since Nethergate pretty much all his games plays and looks & feel almost the same. So, you played one you played them all in my opinion.

Jeff should make something new. Or add a new dimension to his games. I too would like a 2nd Nethergate, or at least a 2nd game inspired by the world's history.
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How did you first find out about Spidweb's games and what is it first games you play? in General
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I got both Blade of Exile and Exile 3 from a 500 shareware games CD.
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