When did you start spidweb'ing?

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AuthorTopic: When did you start spidweb'ing?
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I am just curious as to what year everyone began downloading and playing spiderweb software games...

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I actually started playing Exile off of here back in late 1997. So guess that makes it 7 years for me... I've personally loved every game except Homeland... Many, many hours I've devoted to playing games over and over. I think I played through Geneforge 1 about 10 times...

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Another "When did you start" topic? I see it's that time of the month again... :D

I came here in May 2003 to ask a technical question on Avernum 3, and I just sort of stuck around. Took part in some BoE designing discussions because I was then working on my first BoE scenario (still working on it, btw, though a bit infrequently - every 2-3 months for a day or so). Also some of the debates on General, and then I saw the roleplays. Well, and that's why I'm still here. :)

Edit: Oh, it's about the games. Well, I got E3 on a Shareware CD around Spring 2001. So that makes it 3 and a half years for me. BoE must have been in August 01, because I started playing around with the editor when school was starting. Then, perhaps in October, I got the idea for my first scenario. Which happens to be still unfinished, after 3 years and 9 nine days (and, probably, around 2 hours or so). Slowly catching up with Rhapsody in Blue in terms of longest development time. :P

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I started playing the games with Avernum 1 shortly after it came out, whenever that was. I think it was '99 or '00. I played BoE briefly in '00, making a scenario late in '00 (I think). Then I wandered away from Blades until this year, but I kept playing the other SW games. Finally, in Feb '04, I joined the community in anticipation of the impending release of BoA and have been around ever since.

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I started with E1. I want to say it was all the way back in 1994, but I'm not sure that's absolutely accurate. It has been quite a while, at any rate.

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I find virtual caves superior to my cave-like office in the center of the building. :)
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I started playing in 2001-2002, but didn't join the forum until recently. Little did I know that I had been missing out on loads of fun! :P

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I think I found Exile III on a CD about five years ago. A few months later, I found BoE on another CD and started designing for that. I found this message board in October of 2001.

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I started at about when Avernum 1 had been released and I read about it at some other site, and 2 was on the way.

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I believe I started around '01 or early '02, when I played A3 for the first time.


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Sometime around my forum join date, i'm sure.

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I found Exile III on a MacWorld CD six years ago, I remember playing it gave me allmost the same feeling as when I played Prince of Persia for the first time...
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98 or sumthin

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Ya, I got the E3 demo on a CD, too. I think it was more that 5 years ago when I first played it, so there we go. However, 5 years ago I was only 9. I must have looked all over the map for the Agate Tower. :D


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1996 or 7.

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played E3 in 2000, and played all sorts of Spid games until Warcraft III came out. nowadays i don't even play Spid games anymore.

oh yea, and i've been on these forums and those that springboarded off of this since 2001.

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Back when E1 was released. I don't remember what year that was, and I don't really care.

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October (or November) 1998 (Exile I demo).
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I remember starting by playing the E1 demo on a 1995 demo CD that my parents got. The graphics on it do not look anything like the graphics it has right now. So I would think the demo wasn't even the complete game or something... I never did register it.

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1994 with the Exile one demo. Joined the community in late '97/early '98 with BoE.

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I played Exile 1 and 2 and didn't like them that much.

I then played Blades of Exile and joined the community in around '98 or '99.
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I got a demo disk with Exile I and Exile II on it. For some reason, they immediately captured my soul, so I played both demos all the way through and promptly forgot about them both for six months. This would have been around...1998, 1999, I think.

Anyway, the really big day for me was when I decided to try and look up the cool cats who made these things. I did so, and the good times rolled. Even if I never did, and still haven't, registered the Exile games (except for BoE) because I ended up waiting for Avernum.
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