A legend returns...with a question...

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AuthorTopic: A legend returns...with a question...
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AHOY PEOPLE! you've no idea how happy I am to have my little mungy-po back...*does a happy dance* and now...out of curiosity...who here has played and actually beaten an exile game? and which? I for one have played several but havn't actually beaten...one...sigh...so sad...

opps.... Seems that I didn't include a (none) button...sigh...so...just use "Nethergate" if you havn't beaten any games or if you havn't played any...we'll call that one void...plus it's on the bottom...so...sorry bout' that...curiosity killed the cat...no? :P

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...well I thought it was funney...? didn't you?
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What constitutes "beat" BoE or BoA?
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To "beat" as you would say...should be talked over on your own time with your parents..cough...I mean...whenever you get the flashy "ending" with credit rolls and what not...or...whenever you can't do anything else...I guess...?

...well I thought it was funney...? didn't you?
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What Son?

Oh as to the BoE and BoA they are scenario based so.. they don't really end. Heh, you really havn't been here for a while have you?
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I'm assuming mung considers finishing all of Jeff's scenarios to be "beating BoE/BoA".

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Yeah..that's it...right xxo...thats what I ment:P...sureeeeee...

and no...been gone for a while now...it's a bt sad..but still...I'm back:P

btw..."m"...that was so wrong:P

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...well I thought it was funney...? didn't you?
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I am one of a select few people who can lay claim to having beaten Blades of Exile. The other two I know of are Imban and Bain-Ihrno. (Valley of the Dying Things and Za-Khazi Run are easily two of the worst BoE scenarios to date.)

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Intresting to note...Exile II seems to be one of teh most played at the moment but also one of the least beaten...so I suppose that's still the probominant fav. of the board?

By the way..who likes my signature? :P

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...well I thought it was funney...? didn't you?
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More interesing to note is that 60% have not played any games (ie nethergate) and 50% have not beat any games. Oh well so much for reading directions.
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YAY!!! WAHOOOOO!!11!!1! Polls are back on! *calms himself down*

Since I have not "beat" any of these games, and it won't record my vote unless I check at least one box in every question, so I checked E3 because I've beaten the unregistered version. Closest one.

And yes, Mung, I do like your signature. ;)


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I've bought the whole Avernum series and I havent beaten one. I feel so ashamed...

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TM, what about Bruce Mitchell? I think he's played more BoE scenarios than BainIhrno (although not by many).

I marked down that I had "beaten" BoE, but by that I meant only the pre-packaged. I have played entirely too few real scenarios.

I have beaten A1-3, GF1-2, and NG, though.

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I've played around with A1 and A2 but didn't finish them. I have beaten the G1 and G2 demos, but was too cheap to order the full version. :)

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E1, E2, NG, dozens of BoE scenarios. What the hell am I doing with my life?

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Um, I accidentaly checked Nethergate in both questions because I have played and beaten it. I feel kind of stupid now.....So, I've beaten BOA and Nethergate and am currently working on A3 and G2(which is hard because my sister moved and took her computer). As for what I've played, all except E2.

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All except...exile 2?...well now...that's impressive...I have to say...congrats...alright...you non conformists are all the same... :P

...well I thought it was funney...? didn't you?
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I've played E1-3, A1-3, Nethergate, BoE and G1 and 2. Beaten E1-3, Geneforge 1 and Nethergate, the only other ones that I registered was A1-3, but that was about two weeks ago. Playing three campaigns simultaniously, I'm about a third of the way through each.

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Beaten: BoE (the three, yeah), A1-3, BoA (the four, yeah), GF1-2.

Played: All.

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I've beaten Nethergate and Av3.

I've played all the choices(If you count unregistered versions).

I have beaten the unregistered versions of Av1, Av2, Av3,G1,G2,Nethergate and BoA. But I assumed you meant registered versions for beaten.

The only games I registered were Nethergate and Avernum3.

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I've beaten A3, GF1-2, BoA (all released scenarios), and NG.

I've played all of them besides E1 and E3.


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TM, Valley of Dying Things is not one of the worst BoE scenarios to date. It's mediocre, perhaps, but nowhere near one of the worst. The Chicken Plagues, Nephil Cave, Dragon's Flame, etc.- those are the worst. Valley of Dying Things is a masterpiece compared to them, and you know it.
At any rate, I have yet to beat a single Spiderweb Software game. However, I've played Exile III, Avernum III, Geneforge, Nethergate, BoE, and BoA.

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I have played the demos of all Spidweb games.

I have beaten E3, NG, A1, A2, and A3. I have finished no scenarios for BoE or BoA, so I must admit that I haven't beaten them. If anything, BoA beats me.

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Played all

Beaten BoE (the three), Avernum 2, Exile III, Geneforge, Geneforge 2 and Nethergate.

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Played and beat everything but Blades of Exile, GF, and GF2.

It's to late for me to start on GF. I'll have to do that when I get back.

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Played and beaten E1, E2, E3 and BoE originals in that order.

I tried the A1 demo but didn't like the graphics so now I play BoE non-originals.

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