What did you last eat?

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AuthorTopic: What did you last eat?
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To continue the fine tradition.

I had a handful of cherry tomatoes, and just before that, vanilla ice cream.

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a coke an hour ago and fried rice for lunch.

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A couple of tacos 'bout 20 minutes ago and a glass of lemonaid.

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Some Wheat Thins (as salted as possible, of course) that I had for afternoon bread at work.


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Spaghetti and meat balls, and then some ice-cream. Most of it came from Costco, too.

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For lunch, I had some of one of my mom's fantastic culinary creations- tomato rice. She's an extraordinary chef, and is every bit as good at cooking up typical American dishes as she is at preparing Indian food.


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I just had a coupla pringles. Now I'm drinking beer.
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Some Oreos, some salt and vinegar chips, and some Miller High Life (the Champagne of Beers) at the closing circle at the hash. Now I'm going to my girl's for some chili and corn bread.

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Originally written by AM:

some salt and vinegar chips,
Ugh, how can you eat that crap?

[quote]and some Miller High Life (the Champagne of Beers) [/quote]Ugh, how can you drink that crap?

Just kidding. I'm not one to talk, I drink Miller Lite. Either way, it's Miller Time. Cheers!
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Cheers to you! Living in the DC area makes beer expensive, so my tastes have correspondingly gravitated towards the less expensive direction. I have to say, though, that High Life is the finest cheapest US beer in the World.

EDIT: oh, and as for the chips, all I can say is that they were there for free, and it was the hash (learn about it at www.dchashing.org) :) On-On!

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You really think so? The only time I drink that stuff is when I get a 40 to make people laugh. I'd drink Bud before I drank High Life.

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In reverse chronological order:
Dinner: a few bites of a Gardenburger Riblet, a spoonful or two of baked potato, a nectarine, and a few black cherries
Lunch: Half a cup of leftover eggplant and bamboo shoot stir fry.
Breakfast: The other half-cup.

And a few pints of chamomile and green tea and hot lemon water.

EDIT: Drinking a cup of unsweetened Silk soymilk now.

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Corn soup. Mmm.

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Top Ramen (low-cost, low-quality soup, if there are places in the world where ramen does not exist). Er, and last night I had burritos, I think. This is truly the college lifestyle. :D

Well, it would be if I were also drinking beer. There's an empty flask-bottle of cognac a the shelf nearby, but I didn't drink it.

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I find that Maruchen Ramen has much more flavor.

Just saying. I discovered that this past weekend.
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Pizza and some coke.

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Pizza. Aproximately 24 hours ago.

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Chicken, rice and a coke.
And what wouldn't I give for a Guinnes, or any kind of ale or bitter. Third world country. Blech.


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I'm with Detta on the Raymen- Top Raymen is like drinking food coloring. Still, I spent three weeks in Germany this summer. When you drink a beer that tastes good enough that you drink soda for the rest of the evening trying to burp up a Lager's aftertaste, THEN you're drinking good alcohol.

My eating schedule?

1 PM - Leftover chinese stuff.
5 PM - Over-grilled meat product, wasn't paying attention
10 PM - Leftover pizza, buttered rice

Oh yeah- Djur's tastes are revolting to an extreme.

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A handful of dry-roasted peanuts and a slab of ham, and before that zucchini chowder and roasted potatoes.

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Cereals and a sandwich, it's 10 AM here. In a few hours I'll be warming up something in the microwave here at work.

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Coffee, youghort and cake for breakfast, and last night I ate some home-made pizza.

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A 15" pizza and a Diet Coke last night (based on I don't eat brekkie). It was damn tasty. It was dang gorge. And if anyone in the UK comes across Viva Pizza, I recommend it.

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Cinnamon Toast Crunch. With milk, of course.

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