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AuthorTopic: It's a small world!
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Today, I actually met another kid who had played a Spiderweb Software game. (Exile 3) This was pretty incredible, since my school only has 500 kids in it.
Does anyone else know fellow Spidweb players at work or school?


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Well I influenced 4 of my friends to play Spid web games and 2 of them have registered at least one of the games. But I haven't met anyone that had played any games on here without me telling them about it.

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Um, Obi-Two Kenobi, and some others...

many others...

They basically know about SpidWeb because I told them about it, that's all.

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Yup. By sheer, blind coincidence, my best friend's favourite game is Exile II.
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...Alec should probably not count in this instance?

My answer would be yes, although that's just because I pirated^H^H^H^H^convinced some of my friends to make a purchase.

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No. None of my close friends are much into gaming, interestingly enough. We'll play console stuff like Smash Bros. when we're together, but never any computer games, really.

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I know a few people who play Spiderweb games. In fact, the first time I heard about the games was from a friend, although I didn't really pay attention until I stumbled across them a month or two later.

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Alorael, my evil Bulgarian great-uncle, first introduced me to the world of Exile.

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I met someone on another site who plays Exile, but other than that, I haven't met anyone who knows about Spiderweb Software besides the people I've introduced the games to.

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Only my brother. And 'twas he who got me on to them in the first place.

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I knew someone else who liked Exile I, and I convinced him to get BoE and join the Arena.

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My crusade has been in vain. All my friends laugh at my attempts to convert them. And then they play flashy and stylish FPS games. Oh well.
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I was introduced to the games by a friend and a couple of other friends have played the Avernum games.

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I found A3 in a CD called 50 fun games.Ofcourse only A3,AOE and SIN were good among them

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i found exile on a software of the month club. my brother got really into it, then i started to like it. now i want to get every spiderweb game made... i found 1 other person on another forum who knows about them...

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Bladesman Wasazore, about your sig. I've heard that song before, it was on one of those big old records round my mates house. How'd you know about it?

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Just call him TM.

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Copying Alorael's signature tends to greatly increase your chances of being sniped.

I recently discovered that a new member of these boards lives within a mile or two of me. But I have not met in person any Spiderweb game players.

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Originally written by Smugglers' Alliance, Chief of the:

Does anyone else know fellow Spidweb players at work or school?
I live in the middle of the desert, 380 miles or so away from the nearest tree, and have so far not met a single fellow creosote bush that plays Spiderweb games. Electrical outlets out here are hard to come by, you see.

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I had a dream the other night that I met some people from these boards in person... TM had a goatee... I don't think it's a good sign. Freud help me.

Anyway, I've had similar luck trying to convince my friends how awesome SW games are. 1 actually quasi-enjoyed GF2, but not enough to buy it. Most of my friends are into Halo and GTA.

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Anyone else in Upstate NY? I think of Wizard and Motrax and close, and both are hours away from me.

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Yeah, I was kinda surprised when I first joined the boards that no one else was from New York City... But I guess upstate is pretty close. Where is Motrax from?

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Where in Pennsylvania are you from ChaosFox?
I live near Harrisburg.


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Motrax lives in Maryland.

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I live in New York City. And one of my best friends was into BoE when I met him, just by coincidence.

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