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1.1 Give it back - I just don't feel I could live with myself
2.3 Mountain - I like to ski...
3.2 Defensive

I think metal's part of earth, y'know...


I want high-bit characters in my displayed name!!! :( :( :( (Or at least an exclamtion point!)

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If you found a bag with $1,000 in it on the street and knew who it belonged to, would you:
3. Save it

2. Which of these places would you most like to live?
6. An island

3. Which of these fighting styles best describes you?
3. Quick but weak with thrusts etc.
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Return the money *halo appears* IMAGE(Spiderweb Software Boards Element Test (2)_files/rolleyes.gif)
Live on an island
Defensive...though I don't fight (physically, anyway ^^)

You go girl!
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I'd have to look up the Chinese elements, but if I recall correctly, there are seven of them and neither Metal nor Wood are part of Earth.
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Fire, water, wind, wood, earth, metal, void.

That's from memory. I'm probably wrong.

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Cancel the void. In mother-child relation or the nourishing order they are fire-earth-metal-water-wood.

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Everyone so far has been fire, as they're the kind of people who post to these kind of things. Izzanor himself is Void - it's taking him forever to 'PM' the results, so I can't imagine what else is between his ears. Maybe Earth?
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