Exile III deadlines

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AuthorTopic: Exile III deadlines
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Does anyone have the list of important E3 dates? I know that the ToM disaster is pretty far off, but I remember there's people you have to speak to before a certain date for (I think?) side quests, as well as cities that get destroyed.

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Huzzah for replays of Exile III.

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Murders north of New Formello is about day 50.

Orb of Thranli quest is supposed to be about day 110, but you can get it after doing the Alien Slime and Roaches quests.

Tower of Magi quest is about day 180. This is the only one to really worry about since you have enough time to do the others. It's possible to finish before this happens.
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Cool, what about the plagues and item quests?

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I don't recall when the plagues deal their consequences, however, they do act up again if you wait too long.

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The Orb quest appeared about day 30 in my game. Tower of Magi Disaster is about day 160. Not far off in my game, as I like to hang around for a few years.
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Hmm? I thought the New Formello murders were after completing either the Slimes or the Roaches and the Orb was after completing the Troglos/Giants (possibly either that or the Golems, but I've never bothered defeating the Golems before the Troglos/Giants before).
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No, I got all three of these quests in the unregistered version of the game, so they aren't based on completion of the plagues quests.
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For me, the murders happen on day 30, and the Orb of Thralni is stolen on day 60. Kriszan and Shayder start to fall apart on day 30, and Sharimik and Lorelei on day 60.

I don't know when Gale starts to fall apart, nor do I remember offhand when the Tower of Magi disaster occured for me.

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I once heard somewhere that certain events happen earlier if you have completed certain quests. I think in some circumstances the tower of magi quest happened before day 160.
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