what did you name your characters, and why?

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AuthorTopic: what did you name your characters, and why?
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Originally written by Drakefyre:

Is that Sturg as in Sturgeon?
Nope, Sturglar. It's a progressive manipulation of by fourth moniker, burglar ben.

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Plarg- My best warrior
Hasee- A medium rate priest
Chi- My best mage
Soldat- My best lizard warrior

They have no meaning but I just name something that comes off the top of my head.

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At the moment, Dian and Brun are my warriors - made-up names that sounded sort of brutal... Ilia is my thief/trap disarmer, cos it sounds a bit les brutish, plus Marianna the mage and Malachai the priest, because people who can do magic deserve complicated names. I got sick of the default names after about eight years of playing these games.
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For six character parties I use Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Cassie, Marco and Ax. Hey, they fit, I can find graphics to match and I don’t feel original enough to find Nephilim names or whatever.
For four character parties: David, Christopher, April and Jalil.
I have used another names in the past, but those are the ones that I know off by memory, so they‘d get chosen whenever I start a new game in Exile.

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Whoops, accidental double post.

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I just came up with names that I thought sounded better than the default ones. I just change the names and the graphics and leave everything else, almost.

Jurol: first guy
Hss Thsska: second guy (slith)
Simbarr: nephil
Akina: Nephil mage
Skarra: Slith priest/mage
Makhaya: Human priest

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Actually, I have a complicated little story about my characters that ranges through the different games. (I like to write stories.)
(These are of course my main, six-person parties; I have singletons and such too, but they're sort of "side-plots" to the main "arc.")

In the first Exile, my PCs were:

Exile II
-(Can't seem to remember this one)

Exile III
-Andalliarn (Son of Jerlyn and Andrewik)
-(Can't remember this one)
-(Can't rememner this one)
-Jerlynya (Daughter of Jerlyn and Andrewik)
-Jerlynyan (Son of Jerlyn and Andrewik)

I won't get into my little scenarios, but they were all individual characters with odd little plot arcs, although some of them apparently weren't of such great importance as others, as I can't remember their names off-hand. The names are all original, although almost all of them are borrowed from my other writing. (Just the names, not the characters.)

If anyone's interested in hearing the whole story, drop me a line...

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Four person party {with approprate titles :) }

Swordsmaster Aldous {goods swordsman good name}
Rough Hortan {horton sounds like horty, if you've ever read Loamhedge :) }
Vallug Bowbeast {favorite character from Taggerung}
Wizard Mycroft {Wizard, mage and priest, Mycroft is a good magical name}

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I named my charecters by what i though suited his\her skills


Rieck-Fighter\mage (Chuck Norris)



Sss'ah,ssso-Figther (only pole weapons)

Took-Incrediably weak trap\door opener (named after bilbo baggins grandfather)

I think the second one was the best ^_^

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If I understand correctly, this family tree states Bilbo's grandfather to be Mungo, whereas his father is named Took.

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I can't remember the very first group I used. But all my groups after that were named as follows:

1. Hrothar (Warrior)
2. Patrick
3. Erika
4. Solberg
5. Rone
6. Aimee


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Andy wins the character naming contest.

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Spider-spear using slith
Spider- nephil thief
Spider-slith mage
Spider-slith preist
Spider-human mage/preist
Spider-generic all-purpose character

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In E1, I just call my characters A, B, C, D, E, and F. Not very imaginative, I know, but I'm not that big on giving out cool names.

For E2, E3, and BoE, I just use the default names, even if I change a PC's race, traits, etc. It makes them easier for me to keep track of.

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I can never remember which characters are the specialists and in what, so I give them mnemonic names:

Brisance, Nosy, Tunnel Rat--trap disarmer and thief
Night Owl, Bookworm--Highly Alert trait
Stonewall--high defense
Shepherd, Missal--priest

I've got a million of 'em.

I name the other team members something thematic or just comment on their appearances.

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Sneaky Peter-Thief/disarmer
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Kind of an old thread you revived here, but I suppose we have plenty of these threads as it is, so there's really no need for a new one.

I don't play the Exile trilogy, but in BoE, my old party was
Starr - fighter, bashing weapons
Harrison - fighter, pole weapons
McCartney - fighter, edged weapons (I used the chainmailed warrior with sword and shield graphic for him, only recently realizing there were a pair of protuberances on the character's chest. I suppose some people would say they suit McCartney, but that's a discussion for another place...)
Lennon - mage
Martin - priest
Epstein - priest

My current party, however, is
Queso Blanco - male warrior, uses any melee weapons. Guy with sword, headband, cape and purple pants.
Emmental - mainly a mage plus level 3 priest skill. Also wields a cursed knife. Brown robe guy with staff.
Brie, Mozzarella, Provolone, Gouda - mainly priests with level 3 mage. Blonde mauve-robed priestess with book, blonde spellcaster with blue hooded robe and staff, male priest with blue robe and book, black-haired woman with red dress and staff, respectively.
This one is designed better, although it's still not as aggressively optimized as Imban's. The characters have sort of gained personalities since I've been using them, so I'll keep them the same anyway.

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i just named them after function


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I always build character on the principle they are automatically highest level so...

Jeran Korak, my oldest ever creation, the ultimate warrior in every way, he even has some magic.

Galvin Magnus, an ancient and extremely powerful Necromancer, huge array of mage AND priest spells with maxed defence skill.

Nija Halcyon, a much later creation, much, much newer and a lot less stupid then the one that first joined here. Powerful Warrior/Priest.

Toman Gieger, young, carefree and foolish. High-HP Mage/Fighter.

These make up my basic 4 characters that go into just about any D&D or RP game I play. The rest I auto-name generate.

One rather funny occasion was using a random name generator on NwN when it spat out the name "Nikki Zeivz" as a Wizard/Fighter

Alternate account.
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i like to roleplay-a lot-and tend to come up with characters who i then write stories about or insert into d and d, so they are usually pretty in depth. unfortunately, I only remember this one, and also exile doesn't have the depth of races d and d does, so i actually adjust for exile instead of the other way around. As follows:

Lana: a halfling girl who has no memory of her life before being left on the streets of Lorelei. she desperately searches the city for a cure to heal a wasting disease that threatens to take her only friend's life. At last, she turns to magic, but not quickly enough to save her friend's life. She then set to travelling. In her travels, she discovers that the disease is affecting other people in many cities, all of them born with an innate ability (divinely touched)...and that it was caused by an old, wise, powerful, totally evil necromancer...deep underground...

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