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what did you name your characters, and why? in The Exile Trilogy
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Actually, I have a complicated little story about my characters that ranges through the different games. (I like to write stories.)
(These are of course my main, six-person parties; I have singletons and such too, but they're sort of "side-plots" to the main "arc.")

In the first Exile, my PCs were:

Exile II
-(Can't seem to remember this one)

Exile III
-Andalliarn (Son of Jerlyn and Andrewik)
-(Can't remember this one)
-(Can't rememner this one)
-Jerlynya (Daughter of Jerlyn and Andrewik)
-Jerlynyan (Son of Jerlyn and Andrewik)

I won't get into my little scenarios, but they were all individual characters with odd little plot arcs, although some of them apparently weren't of such great importance as others, as I can't remember their names off-hand. The names are all original, although almost all of them are borrowed from my other writing. (Just the names, not the characters.)

If anyone's interested in hearing the whole story, drop me a line...

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