what did you name your characters, and why?

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AuthorTopic: what did you name your characters, and why?
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If you did not use the default names in the games, what names did you choose, and why?

Here's the ones I used for Exile 3 (so far):

ixfd64 - Well, that's the identity I use on the Internet. Of course I should be a hero. :D
Baratus - He's a very powerful character from the game Hexen. I also used the name "Baratus" on an online RPG.
Traductus - He's actually a villian from the game Hexen. I just felt like using the name.
Samurai Jack - Samurai Jack is a wise cartoon character with amazing knowledge and awesome skills. I'm a huge fan of that cartoon, so I picked it. Plus, he would make a good hero in Exile.
Gandalf - Yep, I'm a LOTR fan as well. Due to his knowledge and wisdom, Gandalf would also make a great hero, just like Jack.
Sir Bowen - He's the protagonist in the movie Dragonheart. Later, the movie was made into a PlayStation game and later ported to the PC. Although the game had bad qualities, I still enjoyed it a long time ago.

How about you?

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i mostly use names for me (curi, Elliot) or names of my D&D characters (Tirin, Caeli, Isyn). i named my e2 pacifist Alice. useless character, non-heroic name :-)
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Sometimes I use the names of some of my friends in real life. Other times I use names of characters from Final Fantasy Tactics (like Orlandu and Agrias for warriors, etc).

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Jenneke - I'm sure that's the most original one to date. :eek:
Thissa - That one too.
Frrrrrr - Don't know about the number of r's. Yet another original.
Sturp - No girls in my party. Non-original name.
D-Pliss - Feodoric sounded kind of weird for a Slith.
Boomer - Good for my end d00d who is confined to using bashing weapons for everything.

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Sarevok-one of the best fighters in baldurs gate 2 so named my human fighter that
Edwin - Spellcaster
Jan - thief
Lord Andrew- just like the name cus it makes me feel important
Ajantis-another fighter
all names with the excewption of the lord andrew are all from baldurs gate 1 and 2 one of my top favorite rpg games
Edit:didnt someone make another char name topic about a week or 2 ago

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This seems to be a very popular topic of late so if you want to see what mine are you can dig through the 4-5 topics like this and find them.
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I love languages and have learned some Lakotah, (Sioux), so I name the characters from that language. Hard to show how to pronounce, but:
mat-O: Bear; Fighter.
shun-GHI-la: Fox; Fighter, Thief.
wa-KHAN wiCHA: Mystery Man; Priest.
pay-JU-tah wiCHA: Grass Roots Healer; Priest.
pay-TAH: Fire; Mage.
KA-hah: Ice; Mage.
On occasion, I'll change a couple of characters, but only for what a specific Scenario calls for.
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I always name my slith fighter Godzilla. Other names vary.

But I often use Rosa.

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I usually use made up names.

Omri - fighter - random name
Shhhhssss (or some similar serpentile sound) - slith fighter
Mrrrurrrr - nephil figher - sounds like cat's "speech"
Veziv - mage - evil counterpart to Zeviz
Zeviz - mage/priest - a madeup name that I use everywhere
Niza - priest - another variation on the Zeviz/Veziv theme (a character I've also used in some RPs)

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Omri is actually a Biblical name, as well as the name of the main character in The Indian in the Cupboard. :P

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Four person party

ANSATU: Duel-Wielding assasin's knives
Daggoth: Slith with enchanted Slith Spear
Mathuzar: Nephil with bow and greatsword
Jango: Mage with little bits of priest spells, uses knife

Stocks up on lots of potions to make up for no Priest Spells

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I left my people deault because I am a default person.

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I always used the default names, they are just so good. Frrrrrr and thissa backing up Jenneke, its the way i like it.
I always change the graphic though :cool:
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1. Christopher
2. Sss-Thsss
3. Frrrrrr
4. Minako
5. Michael
6. Jesus

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I don't know if you mean for ALL Exile games, but this is for Exile 2.

Sephiroth: Main bad guy from Final Fantasy 7..and I'm a big fan of him. :D
Syko: Friend's name (not real)
Haze: Brother's name (not real)
Adrianna: Couldn't think of a name
Bob: I'm enemies with someone at school by the name of Micheal. :mad:
Feodoric: Again, Couldn't think of a name.
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Some parties that I recall...

Latest: Ninja 1, Ninja 2, Ninja 3, Ninja 4, Ninja 5, Ninja 6

Older: Varius, Trannon, Lorelei, Imban, Ablis, Rekwan

All of my party builds have the party members being nearly identical, so no real explanations of roles are needed. Everyone in any of my parties ever is a mage/priest that starts off with 6 HP (but massive strength, so massive HP gain on levelup) and eventually develops into a fighter/mage/priest that can kill eeeeeeeverything.

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I always call my mage Claire after myself; if I have a nephil in my party, his name is Felix; and the rest are usually archaicised (archaised? ^^;; whate'er.) versions of names of various friends of mine. Like "ye olde mediaeval times" type names. =D
One of Exile's few advantages over Avernum: more characters to have fun naming. *g*

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Mays well add my new Exile 1 party.

Sturg - a nickname of mine.
Pike - guess what genre of weapons he uses.
Wayfer Boy - my older little brother's nickname.
Lunker - my younger little brother's nickname.
Robegirl - along with an appropriate graphic.
Alorael - just because its a totally awesome name.

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Fighter - Boromir (Human) - greatsword
Fighter - Gimli (Slith) - Pole (I know he uses an axe, but sliths are better with poles)
Fighter/Thrif - Legolas (Nephil) - waveblade x2
Mage/Priest - Gandolf - flaming broadsword + staff of the magi
Mage/Priest - Galadriel - variety of spells - dagger for emergancies

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Originally written by ben ben:

Alorael - just because its a totally awesome name.
I don't know how I missed this, but let the record show that I find it somewhat disquieting.

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Maybe I should change it to Aloreal. :P

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Is that Sturg as in Sturgeon?

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The mage is usually named Daryl Mycroft, an expansion upon the standard name from Avernum. The other mage is Adrianna, Jenneke and Thissa remain the same, as does Frrr.

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Wise Man - singleton warrior/priest/mage.


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