What class in geneforge 4 do you think is the most powerful or most useful?

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AuthorTopic: What class in geneforge 4 do you think is the most powerful or most useful?
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4.Shock Trooper

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My choices:

1. Lifecrafter / Shocktrooper; because shaping is the most powerful skill. Geneforge is really very easy played as a shaper. Shocktrooper is much the same but with slightly different tactics.

2. Infiltrator; magic is bloody useful, the only thing that holds it back is constantly running out of spell energy. Unless you cheat and give yourself more essence pods...

3. Servile / Warrior; four games later, melee is still rubbish.

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Lifecrafter is the easiest with your creations doing all the hard work.

Servile/Infiltrator if you go the battle magic route. Both are about equal in magic and fighting ability.
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Shock Trooper
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To all of the posters here, look at Valeta, ask Snergy for the link, i forget what it is.
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The shock trooper fits Dikiyoba's playing style best, so it's definitely Dikiyoba's favorite.

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The warrior really fits my playing style. I can create strong creations, I can hit hard in melee or with missiles, and it isn't extremely expensive to get a few basic spell skills, like blessing, for those long or tough fights.

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I love the agent/infiltrator, as it gets more life points than the shaper and it's battle magic skills are really punishing, while mental can disable my enemies in order to kill them one by one, and the use of creations is hardly ever needed. I wish however that they would have cooler graphics, as i always change the looks of my agent/infiltrator with the shaper graphic.
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I almost ashamed to say while I have played all 4 geneforges through with a shaper I never once played any of the other arch types

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Me too safey. shapers can wipe out all other factions
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I'd Have to say that the infiltrator is the best. With a couple of magic shaping plus 14 int, you can make a tank Lvl 40 wingbolt with 600 health thats impossible to hit. Back that up with Mass Energize, Battle Roar, Mental Barrier, Elemental Cloak, Spine Sheild, Augmentation and Essance Armour, and even Poryphra Ruins becomes trivial. You never actually have to use all that, but it's fun to watch a small army die with the wave of your hand

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An infiltrator and his wingbolt cannot match a shaper though. Especially if the shaper had Ur-Drakons. I have level 61 Ur drakons
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I say either the Life-Crafter or Servile. 'Nuff said.

But I say that you either want to be able to cast a ton of spells and have creatures to back it up, or be able to swing your sword like a madman and have magic to augment said sword swings.

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Warrior/Guardian. Completly

I alwasy foundit nice to batter rouges wit 1 or 2 Drakons supporting me
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Lifecrafter..let the creations do the dirty work..I'm also pro-Battle Creations..if only the Rothidzons were brought back..@_@

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Exactly. A life crafter in geneforge 4 would demolish any other class in seconds. but i prefer my three ur drakons with enough essence to make support creations. FIRE SHAPING ROCKS.
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