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AuthorTopic: Character classes (new)
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I was thinking of having more classes for the votes.

(if you like all of them then check all the boxes)

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i only added 1 new class but you can pick any character type for geneforge 5 (i doubt that jeff will do that)
and u can choose a starting path
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The problem is that the basic rules on a "Strong Magic, average shaping" (Is that the right one?) would give you an insane advantage without some major reduction in other areas.

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there was only 5 classes for g4.
it wouldnt be fun without a wizard.
it was voted like shaper 50
wizard 50
(i dont no about it)
its just that some players would like to have soemthing with strogn magic with normal shaping.
wizards in avernum1, 2, 3, 4, BOA cant shape.
they can only summon.
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What about an all average character? Now wouldn't that be odd? :)

I didn't like being able to play as a servile.

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I would actually beg to differ. It would not be any fun with a wizard. The game would either be to easy for him, or insanely hard for the others. It's all in the name of balance, my friend.

As for an average character, that's also unbalanced. If you don't have restrictions, you could easily make a character like your Wizard, with only a slight disadvantage in comparison.

As for my opinions, the basic three should definitly be kept, maybe the Guardian/Warrior given a little bonus to compete with the Servile. The Shocktrooper, also, should either go or be given a bonus similar to the Guardian/Warrior. Perhaps a good amount of mechanics and leadership? The Servile, the solid muscle machine, the tank. Definitly a keeper, especially since it gives you different text occasionally. Adds to the replayability.

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I hope the Shock Trooper stays, actually. Even on torment, I didn't have much trouble with it. And it's fun!

Not that Dikiyoba would complain if it got a bonus or boost. :P

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Actually, what about specialized classes that were very strong in one set of skills (receiving class-related bonuses as well as cheap training) but weak in the other two. For example:

Creation Master - Strong in shaping, weak in combat and magic. New creations start with innate levels of base statistics. Creations cost less essence.

Blademaster - Strong in combat, weak in shaping and magic. Innate boost to hit chances and damage done. Armor more effective and encumbrance penalties reduced.

Magister - Strong in magic, weak in shaping and combat. Spells are cheaper and more effective.

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You mean like Red Dragon Desciple and Arcane Archer from NWN?

I agree, prestige classes are good and add diversity to the game.

But they are bloody hard to create correctly.

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The Shock Trooper wasn't so bad. Not nearly as powerful or flexible throughout as the Inf or Servile, but by the late game faced most areas as well as the Shaper, and dealt with Titan a lot better than Inf or Shaper. The Warrior could hardly finish Titan. If I remember correctly, I got so frustrated I cheated through him.

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