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AuthorTopic: Hoarding
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Does anyone else save every little piece of sellable crap they find, and then when their money is maxed out, dump all the leftover sellables at the entrance to a town (and in the case of Geneforge, all the forging gems)?
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Talk to the Mystic. If he hasn't left. I only keep stuff at a value of 10 coins or more per item.

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Dikiyoba comes fairly close to doing that. You're not alone.
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Nalyd not only does that, but he keeps detailed records so he knows when to start on a different zone. He keeps, quite literally, everything.

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I'll collect everything on at least one play through of each game. In a game of Avernum I just played, the only items I collected were skulls and bones. It doesn't get much better than a huge pile of skulls. There are a lot of them in Avernum 4. A lot.

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I tend to pile up items that I think I might need and convert the rest to cash. If it can be sold, then I'll waste time hauling it to town. I usually can find something to buy to keep my money under the limit.
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