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AuthorTopic: Something I never understood
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Originally written by Sir Spiff:

You needn't ride them in battle. You'd just have to get off during the fight. Or duck.
Oh, if you want hoplars instead of cavalry, then fine -- your wish is granted: you already have a horse -- your characters have always had horses since GF 1. You just ride them when you travel between zones, but each zone is a combat area, so you tie the horses up at the zone edge...

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Omitting the "laziness on Jeff's part" and "techical problems of fitting a mount in one title" (When there is none, abovementioned Glaahks happily take up one square, and drawing a Shaper figure atop of it will cause little more then a minor increase to our beloved "skip turn instead of attacking someone atop of you" interface problem) explanations, I can suggest the strange, but possible case of Geneforgians not inventing/accepting the concept of "riding a mount" altogether.

Given there are no horses, Glaahks are pain in the... errrm... well, uncomfortable to ride (You try to make yourself comfortable on a trembling chitin plate:-P), and new creature designs being directed elsewhere, it's just possible that geneforgians view riding a mount much in the same way first cars were taken by men. "Quite a useless circus".

As for "cavalry", once again, that role is perfectly filled with fast-moving creatures already. Obviously Shapers will rather risk clawbug/glaahk/wingbolt then their own bodies atop of anything like that. Plus, unlike our world, where there were no tamed mounts with strong own offencive capabilities (Even war elephants were greately improved by archers tower on), in Geneforge, if I come to the idea of Shaping a horse for, say, non-shaping mercenaries to go to battle, I will very soon follow with the idea of a Centaur or whatever. And since I can not improve the "design" of mercenaries, but can make "Battle Centaur Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Horseshakk, Rothgrhorse etc", the "cavalry" as we understand it will most likely be outclassed.

P.S. A good Firebolt friend of mine pointed out WE are the "cavalry". Quite a cunning devil, he was, unlike that mage who tried to make him last with underlveveled and badly timed Regeneration:(

P.P.S. With hit last breaths he still tried to enlighten us about what a bane were shrapnel charges to cavalry, and that Essence Orbs are functionally the same thing.

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Clearly, Geneforge needs Chocobos. :P

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Aren't horses mentioned somewhere in at least one Geneforge? It's still possible that it just never caught on. The world of Geneforge seems to require draft animals, but that could be all that horses are for. Or, in a pinch, you could get a thahd to do it.

Maybe it's just a cultural thing. Part of the appeal of cavalry has always been that infantry is just considered less glamorous and glorious. The top dogs of Geneforge aren't even necessarily fighters themselves, though, just the ones who can produce the most battle-worthy creations. There's no incentive to get on a horse and charge into battle against the vlishy hordes.

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And while we're on the subject of what the Shapers should do, why not just an amorphous blob of caustic goo that simply envelops the enemy. All they would have to do is enlarge and acidicize an amoeba. :)

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Originally written by Meta-Undead:

And while we're on the subject of what the Shapers should do, why not just an amorphous blob of caustic goo that simply envelops the enemy. All they would have to do is enlarge and acidicize an amoeba. :)
Oh that's a good idea. :rolleyes:
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Yes, very good idea for Geneforge 5. And knowing the way the game threads go, you'll probably face at least one before you get the skill to create one.

I'm not sure I get the rationales that mounts are impractical for combat because they're dangerous...isn't combat dangerous? And even if you don't ride them, why wouldn't Shapers create pack animals to keep mobile stockpiles of spores and batons?
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