Clash of the Titan

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AuthorTopic: Clash of the Titan
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Well, I am a little bit frustrated and a little embarassed that I can't do this!
I have been trying and trying (and trying) to slay our friend (fiend) the Titan. First, I cleared out the sentinals and shut off the power spires. Then I have tried to bump him off using various combinations of creations. I have gone into battle with Cryodrayks but that didn't work. I have tried a Gazer in combo with other Fire creations, but no luck. I tried Drakon and a Rotghroth, but again was defeated. I get close to the third regeneration of the Titan (only made it there once!) before he corners me and I'm hooped once again. I have cast Essence shackles, torrent gems, Wand of the Inferno, and Reapers.... everything in my arsenal. I try to get out of the area to re-power, but never make it to the exit before I lose. I believe that I am strong enough based on my level and the magic items I possess to do this (Gloves of Savegry, Legs of the Tyrant, Girdle of Might, Puresteel Blade (enhanced with stronger blows), Drakonian Plate and talisman of might, etc.), but am at wits end! Any suggestions?

Level 45
Armor 99%
Fire 66%
Cold 78%
Energy 63%
Stun 180%
Mental 93%
Poison 88%
Acid 80%

Strength 16
Dexterity 8
Intelligence 11
Endurance 8
Melee 16
Missile 7
Quick Action 10
Parry 8
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First off, which class are you? If yu are an Agent or a Servile I suggest you charm the Battle Beta and Rotdhizon regularily, it will make the fight so much easier if you have two free killing machines. As anther type I suggest trying to lure the Sentiniels out to kill them. I haven't actally tried these strategies, but in theory they will work. I'd run immediatly after the sentienals appear.
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He already killed the Sentinels.

By the way, don't leave the area to heal after you've started fighting the Titan and before you've finished, or you'll have to fight the Titan all over again starting at its first form.

Anyway, Drakons are a pretty good choice of creations for the Titan. It sounds like you're a warrior or servile based on your stat distribution -- in that case, your Endurance is a little on the low side, so one problem is you don't really have either a lot of creations or a lot of your own HP with which to soak up hits.

Be sure to cast Augmentation, Steel Skin and Essence Armor on everybody if you can. Chug as many essence pods as necessary in order to get the essence; it's not like you're going to use them anywhere else now anyway.

Casting Essence Shackles on each form of the Titan when it appears is definitely a good start. You don't want it taking more actions than it has to. Wrack is also a good spell, since it makes the target take more damage from all attacks.

The first form isn't too hard, since it just hits you for so-so damage with Aura of Flames every round. Let your creations do damage to it while you concentrate on keeping everyone healed.

The trick to the second form is to haste a lot during its first form, since it starts off with an attack that slows your whole party. Its attacks can kill absolutely anything very quickly, so you have to kill it equally quickly. Take out its kyshakks as soon as it makes them, preferably from range and with the help of torrent gems; the explosion damage will take a fair chunk out of the Titan's HP. If all else fails, surround the Titan with your creations so it can't use its ranged attacks; its melee is much less scary.

The third form isn't tough in itself, but has nasty creations. If you have high mental magic, you can try to charm them. If not, you'll just have to kill them. Torrent gems are an option, but the creations have a lot of HP so it'll take a couple of rounds to take them down that way. A gazer or at least a wingbolt is good for this part, since the rotdhizons are vulnerable to magic damage. Actually, making a squad of wingbolts is a viable option for this fight; they're pretty essence-efficient and do a lot of damage. Expect one or two to die on the second form, though.

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It helps to have friends. Fire creations are the easiest to make since you can use equipment -volcanic fetish, shaper robe, shapemaster boots, fireweaver cloak- to make anything without needing points for shaping skills. A pair of drakons do nice damage to all forms and especially to the second one.

I never had Thuryl's problem with madness gems not working to charm some of the summoned creations of the second and third form. As a bonus it will slow the Titan. Repeat essence shackles at least every other round.

Concentrate on damaging the Titan if solo and if you have friends then concentrate on keeping them healed and hasted. I've had lifecrafters destroyed because I attacked and got fried because the AI then flags me as a target. The exploding kyshaaks do provide nice collateral damage but you have to get them in the first round before they move.

My trouble was surviving the summoned creations of the third form after I killed the Titan. It helps to charm at least one of them so they fight amongst themselves.
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When I killed the sentinels, I turned off four power spires. The Titan went through two phases not three. Check to make sure that you turned off all the power spires.

Wasting your time and mine looking for a good laugh.

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Originally written by I'll Steal Your Toast:

When I killed the sentinels, I turned off four power spires. The Titan went through two phases not three. Check to make sure that you turned off all the power spires.
Uh, whaaa? There's a golem phase, a drakon phase and an artila phase. You can't skip any of them by turning off the power spirals. Are you sure you're remembering the fight correctly?

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I'm interested. Where is this Titan you are speaking about? I'm level 44 or so, I've explored (And killed) every part of the world except the NW part of The Gazers Road (Due to having killed the Refugees by mistake). I've cleansed the Shaper major town, whatever it was called, I've slain all the guards in both Turabi Gate and Western Morass. I've cleared all ruins and slain everyone inside the Citadel and I've slain Mahla (spelling) aswell. So, where is this Titan?
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Go to where you killed Shaper Monarch. If you got the key somewhere in Northforge, then you can enter the black door you will find there.

You lose.
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If you haven't got the key, then see here for help.
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