The Insidious Infiltrator

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AuthorTopic: The Insidious Infiltrator
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Nalyd didn't say that it wasn't foreseen, just that it was a pity. At least they're dead now. Shaping will never be exterminated.

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i hope this is where g 5 comes in it was a bad fate mabye you dont die and you swich to shaper and theres a ew person and he has a chose...or not let jeff do it lol
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Woah, that was quite a resurrection. I did enjoy this thread for what it's worth. Probably worth bringing back up!

I always play that type of character! I just don't powergame quite as heavily. Still, my first run through Geneforge 4 left me at level 39 or 40 and I didn't bother with cleaning out towns. Hoo-haa: Leadership, Mechanics, and magic. That's where it's at.

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I'm probably the only one who remembers this (since I originally brought it up), but I can confirm that there's absolutely no good reason (read: powerful items or exciting battles) to wipe out Illya Safehouse. Or Dillame and Rivergate Keep, for that matter. Rather interesting to see the difference between a town that is supposed to be wiped out and one that isn't, though.

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Before I took on Alwan (and his troops) for the endgame, I wiped out the western rise and the shaper camp north of that.


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