couple of questions (demo)

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AuthorTopic: couple of questions (demo)
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I've just about wrapped up the demo and am still missing a couple of bits and pieces (I'm one of those hung up on that completion thing)

One, what is to be done with Giscard, the rich guy west of Formello? Does he own the room with the major lock just north of there?

Two, where is Harko? The commander of Fort Monastery said he was among the undead to the south. If he means Grindstone, Harko wasn't there. If I did clear him out along with the shades there, it's not clearing off my quest list. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Three, only found 6 rats and got tired of looking for more. Is this job/quest important?
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1. Yes, you'll get to do something small for him later. Don't worry about the door right now,

2. He's in the tunnels between Fort Monastery and Grindstone, behind a mildly locked door. Try looking around down there again.

3. They'll respawn, just come back later. It's not important, just random stuff to do.

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Save your gremlin wine.

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You need to finish the rat quest in order for Captain Graham to post on the job board the Hrickris slaying quest. Just take your time and slay a few rats on your way back and forth to the Barren Tunnels/Motrax Cave area.
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Originally written by Croikle:

1. Yes, you'll get to do something small for him later. Don't worry about the door right now,

Really? What do you have to do?

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It's after the demo, in the Eastern Gallery you'll find a letter of introduction to Giscard on a dead body. Present it to Giscard and he'll give you your qust to remove the gremlin from his storeroom.
(All from reading the scripts.)

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Two, where is Harko?
Harko, the dead guy who wont stay dead. Go downstairs in the goblin caves and go south to the next map. Or go downstairs from the map north of grindstone to reach the same map.

The tunnels form a rough circle, on the west part of the circle there's a short tunnel east to a locked door.
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