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AuthorTopic: Avernum 4 Bug
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When I minimize Avernum 4 to do something else, and then try to bring it up again, it freezes my computer. It's a bit annoying because I have to turn off programs like AOL instant messenger while I'm playing. Anyone know how to fix it?
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-Not run other programs
-Hit your computer with a hammer

That's all I've got. These problems are hard to identify, as I understand. The only reliable fix is to not run other programs that have the potential to minimize the game. With AIM, try just putting up an away message while you play, it you would prefer to stay 'online'. There are options to block pop-up messages and sounds while away.

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shoulden't this be put in tech support?

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arghhhhhhhhh, in future, if you need to ask, don't bother asking.

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I switch between Av4 and a text editor a lot, with no freezing problems (windows 2000).
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SILVER! Hi! Er, question for you: what's up with silverchat? Is it dead? Is it ever coming back?

EDIT: And I had this problem a lot, too. A4 doesn't like being the background on my computer. I never found a solution.

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Can't help you here.

Since I don't feel like making a new topic on A4 bugs, I'll post here. On my way from Fort M. to Fort D., I came across a lizard cave. I came across quite a few giant lizards and one 'gazer'. However, it had a giant lizard graphic (I know it was a gazer because of 'Tab' and the spells it was casting). Is this intentional?

I miss the pink blob with the eyes.

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Killing it is the object of a job on the job board at either Fort Draco or Formello. (I can't remember which).
As is killing the Worm Queen, on the same job board. (I think it's Fort Draco, I can't remember any other jobs from there.)

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It's kinda weird, since you see the name and think it should be an Eyebeast or something, but that's intentional. I don't think we've seen Gazer Beasts in any of the previous games; just Eyebeasts and Gazers.

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So THAT's how I finished that quest and never found an "eyebeast or gazer"). There are at least 2 with eyestalks to harvest in other areas that do look like what you expect.


Quoting Derakon:

It's kinda weird, since you see the name and think it should be an Eyebeast or something, but that's intentional. I don't think we've seen Gazer Beasts in any of the previous games; just Eyebeasts and Gazers.

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Don't revive threads that are months old. Doing this a few times will get you canned/banned. (Since I'm not a mod, I'm not sure on the exact procedure)


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The exact procedure is very simple: don't revive topics that are months old unless you really have something important to add. It's a bit irritating.

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