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AuthorTopic: which is better
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which is better genforge or genforge2?
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I liked G2 better, it seemed more of a challenge, although I did play them backwards.

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GF2. I'm putting it in a post because I can't open the javascript window on this computer.
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GF 2, mainly because I never really liked wandering the lack of people to speak to in GF 1.

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I like Geneforge 2 because it has more variety.

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I liked GF better than GF2 (which is not to say that I didn't like GF2).

It was the first Spiderweb game I'd played, and I felt like I was exploring a new world. GF2 used the same graphics and engine and didn't have that 'new world' feel.

It's the only Spiderweb game I played where I didn't know about hints, walkthroughs or this forum. So I wasn't tempted to ask for a hint or follow a walkthrough (a temptation I find too hard to resist, unfortunately).

I liked GF's story better than GF2. Questions arising from the story were discussed on this board at length - was Trajkov good or evil, the nature & origin of serviles and did they have the right to seek freedom, and so forth. I enjoyed those discussions. Discussions about GF2 focus on powergamer questions (eg which creation is best, which sect gives best rewards), and the story itself hasn't generated a lot of discussion, which I think indicates that the story is much weaker (or maybe it just gets lost against the size of the GF2 world).

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GF is absolutely better when it comes to the plot, but I'd still say GF 2 is generally better.

TGM, I think Geneforge had just the right amount of people to speak to. You spend most time wondering about what the heck it is all about, true, but every once in a while you meet someone who reveals a bit more. Then, little by little you start to understand the puzzle. Brilliant, IMO.

But then again, I am a fanatic friend of the "castaway-all-alone-on-old-and-mystical-deserted-island" genre. :P

Anyway, GF 2's plot became obvious far too soon.

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I prefer GF to GF2. Don't ask me why. Probably because I haven't managed to earn enough to get GF2, so I don't know what eventually happens... oh well. :rolleyes: .
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I played the demo for G1 and it was okay. Then I played the demo for G2 and it blew me straight out of my blue velvet spinny chair and into Nebraska it was so good.

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GF was a lot better than GF2. I repeatedly played through GF, but I never even registered GF2.

I loved GF for some of the same reasons Kyna did. It was the first Spiderweb game I'd played, too, and I felt that 'new world feeling.

The story was better, some mysterious discovery drove your people from the island, there are outsiders here trying to unlock that discovery. And there's the side plot of the ancient history of the island.

I didn't like the GF2 demo because there were too many populated areas and too few ruins. if you needed supplies, you had to make money and buy it, you couldn't just go questing and find some long lost treasure trove.

Also, I heard from a person who had played through GF2 that combat eventually became 'who stuns first'. I don't like daze/stun attacks, and GF2 went overboard on them.

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DEFINITELY Geneforge. Geneforge, agreeing with Kyna, had a new-world feel to me. I won it before I had even heard of Geneforge 2. Geneforge had a much better plot and I like mysterious games where you have to put everything together in your head more than knowing who Barzahl is but not knowing if he's dead or not (besides the spy in Drypeak tells you he's alive so it's obvious). I only own the demo of GF2 and, just from what I've seen, I have also realized GF2 is too much copying Avernum and Exile. Geneforge's uniqueness is the key to making it a challenging, unique, and exciting Spiderweb game.

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Reviving dead topics is frowned upon. Especially, when they are three months old...

Yes, it was a fairly reasonable topic, but may I advise that you apologise in some form, to avoid extreme canning?
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Yeah, it's just that I'm a practically clueless newbie. :rolleyes:

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There's no need to be so self-depreciating. I take it that you didn't realise, so there's nothing to be aggrieved about.
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More or less the same. GF2 slightly more.


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FBM, shut up and leave the newbie alone. There's nothing wrong with topic necromancy if you have anything worthwhile to say.

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