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AuthorTopic: Endings
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I was wondering if someone has written down the different endings??? I don't want to go through all of them, but I'm curious about it. can someone post a link with the endings or something? thanks
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Okay Marlenny here they are SPOILERS for those of you who are complete idiots

This is the loyalist ending asuming that you had alwan and all okay

You step onto the boat. Despite the rough water, the craft is steady under your feet. You can sense the essence and enchantment in the wood. This boat will carry you safely to your destination.

Despite your fear of what has been happening on Terrestia, you are eager to return. You will doubtless receive accolades from the Shaper council, and be given the chance to fight the rogues somewhere else.

You soon realize that Alwan has not joined you on the deck. You turn and see him on the dock. He bows to you and says, “I am sorry, Shaper. It is time for my journey to take a different direction.”

“I am going to Dhonal’s Keep to offer my services. And when I have distinguished myself here, I will go to the Council and offer myself to them. There is too much madness in the world. It is time to gain influence, so that something can done about it.”

“I wish you safe travels. And I hope that we meet again, in more peaceful times.” And he turns and goes, off to fight his own war.

And then you set sail. The boat came prepared with provisions, so you settle back for a painless, three day journey to Terrestia.

Late on the second night of your journey, you lie on your back and look at the stars. The craft requires little effort on your part to maneuver. More evidence of the skill of the Shapers.

You hold up your hand and look at it. It looks reassuringly normal. The Ashen Place seemed, at times, like a place of madness. Nothing and nobody were allowed to be normal. Everyone with power kept Shaping themselves, attaining power without effort.

Though the temptations were constant, you seem to have resisted becoming something fundamentally different. You are still yourself, and, in these times, that is a victory in itself.

And then, finally, you can see the mainland and Poryphra, the city you have been aiming for. And you see, instantly, that when the rebels spoke of destruction on the mainland, they were not just boasting.

Terrestia is the less settled of the two Shaper continents. Poryphra was one of the larger cities there. Over fifty thousand humans lived there, with many serviles and other creations. And it has been destroyed.

Huge reptiles, probably modified, flight-capable drayks, circle over the flaming ruins of the city. Even miles away, you can hear the screams and explosions. Mobs of refugees stream out of the city. The rebel army is real, and it has reached you.

The chaos of the city does not seem a wise place for you to land, especially since the rogues that control the city would not take kindly to a Shaper. You steer the boat and land on a calmer part of the shore a few miles away from town.

Fortunately, the Shaper forces in this area have not been entirely routed. You have the very good fortune of finding a large patrol of them. When they find that you are from the Ashen Isles, they quickly escort you to their camp.

The Shaper army camp is a mess. They suffered heavy casualties, dead and wounded, in their futile defense of Poryphra. In your brief walk through the camp, you easily detect the panic, chaos, and disintegrating morale.

They are stunned. They can’t see how this could have happened. But you understand all too well. Before you can see more, however, you are escorted into a large tent. The triad of commanders, Shaper, Agent, and Guardian, are waiting there behind a table.

They are very eager to hear what has been happening on the Ashen Isles and, more importantly, whether they can get reinforcements.

After a few greetings, they begin questioning you. You immediately see that there three are old and wise. Lying to them would be foolhardy, at best. You relate the tale of your jounrey through the Ashen Isles simply and honestly.

They are saddened by the destruction of the school, but after what happened to Poryphra, they are not surprised. They don’t ask many questions about Litalia, though, as they correctly suspect they will hear more about her.

You tell them about the rogues that infested Gull Island. Again, they are not surprised. Apparently, they had similar problems around Poryphra before the main rogue army attacked.

You tell them about the warped servant minds on the island, and how you destroyed them. They nod approvingly. “At least someone has made progress,” the Agent mutters.

You tell them about the rebellion, and how you slaughtered those who rose up against the Shapers. The triad accepts the need for this action entirely. “Very good, very decisive,” the agent mutters.

Then you begin to tell them of Dhoanl’s Isle, Lord Rahul, and the troubles there. They listen to this part of the story intently, as most of the forces they hope to bring to their aid are on that large island.

You tell them about the enormous, horrifying Creator, and about its destruction. They seem impressed with your feat, despite themselves. It seems like this is their first sign of hope in days.

You tell them about Gull Island. They are understandably shocked by the state of the island, and how Agatha allowed everything to slip so far out of control. They also shake their heads when they hear of Agatha’s illegal experiments.

Still they are relieved that the rebellion was put down and the surviving Shapers were freed. But not very concerned. They are much more determined to know if you found anything significant about the true purpose and powers of the rogues.

Then you tell them how you killed Khyryk. They are stunned. The Guardian, who apparently knew Khyryk from before, says, “I know, his views were unusual. But he didn’t have to die, did he?” But this is a side issue. They want to know more about the rebels.

And finally, you tell them of the Isle of Spears. They lean forward and listen intently, as you tell them about the hidden rebel fortress there.

You describe the huge, monstrous creations, the drakons, and Benerii-Eo. You tell of meeting Litalia again.

And finally, you describe Akhari Blaze and the Geneforge. You tell them of the drakons’ mad plan to Shape and remake themselves, becoming more powerful with every passing generation.

And you describe your victory. You tell them how you personally destroyed the Geneforge, wrecking the machinery and letting the vile goo drain away.

The triad cannot contain their delight at this story. They ask you to repeat it, and then repeat it again, basking in the news of an actual victory against the rebels.

The Shaper asks a few more questions about the crystal canisters you saw during the journey, but you did not have much experience with them, so there is not much you can say.

The triad turns back to you. “Young one,” the Shaper says, “You have been tried far more harshly than any of our kind should be. You have seen threats and temptation, and you have prevailed. You deserve to be rewarded.”

“But rewards are not coming. Instead, you have left one battle to join another. From all over Terrestia, we have had grim reports. The drakons, the eyebeasts, the rogues of all description, they are everywhere.”

“We were foolish and complacent and unprepared, and we need your help. To retake Poryphra, and to fight the war that is burning our homelands. It is your duty, and your privilege, to join us now.”

The triad stands and walks around the table. Then, one by one, each bows to you. From such a high-ranking trio, it is an unexpected and moving gesture.

Then the Agent says, “We have decided that your education is complete. Today, we declare you to be one of us, an apprentice no more. You are full Shaper, and none of our secrets will be hidden from you.”

“Now go and be equipped. Your tale is told. it is time to fight.” You leave the tent, and the triad sits down to prepare their counter-offensive.

You are given fresh armor, weaponry, and pods, and a bunk to sleep in. You try to sleep, but it’s no good. You can’t help but hear the sounds of a disintegrating army outside. Soon, you can take it no more.

You walk out of your tent and start speaking with people, calming them down, fighting the panic, telling then that yes, the rogues can be defeated.

None of you have long to wait. You aren’t given much time to prepare their army. The rebels find the camp and, within hours, a force of drayks and rotghroth attack. But thanks to you, the forces are more ready.

You fight them with everything that comes to hand, batons, wands, gems pulled from the hands of dying loyalists. When rout seems likely, it is your shouts that keep the soldiers fighting and the creations from going rogue.

And you win. The first attack is fended off, and the next, and the one after.

You are soon given your own command, a force of Shapers, creations, and outsider soldiers and mages under your control. The surviving commanders see your expertise dealing with the new varieties of rogue, and they trust in it.

You march on Poryphra, striking fast and hard, at night. The complacency that plagued the Shapers is contagious, and the poorly organized rogues are not ready for your assault.

Soon, the rest of the Shaper forces follow, pouring in and retaking the city. And then you command some ships and return to the Ashen Isles. Since the disease has spread everywhere, the quarantine on those isles is finally lifted.

You take your forces from island to island, eradicating the surviving rogues. Your reputation as one who has faced down the new creations and won serves you well. Your troops are loyal, fanatically so.

You take great pleasure in hunting down Master Hoge, the traitor who betrayed your school. He begs pitifully for mercy before the executioner ends his life.

There are a surprising number of rogues still alive on the island, as well as wily servile cultists. But you have seen their tricks. They can’t hide from you.

Eventually, you retake Benerii-Eo. Litalia is still there, trying to rebuild Akhari Blaze’s work. At last, your creations bring her to justice. She fights until the end, and dies at the edge of the broken Geneforge.

Eventually, you retake Benerii-Eo. The foolish rebels did not destroy their secrets, and you learn much about their abilities and plans.

And finally, with these easy victories out of the way, you turn your attention to the rest of Terrestia. Soon, you are elevated to the rank of General. The Ashen Isles and Poryphra provide a secure base for your operations.

You are given your own army and sent out, to root out the rogues wherever they are. And, as you travel, you find that things are worse than anyone ever described to you.

You find village after village, burnt out and destroyed. Ruined forests, collapsed mines, swarms of vicious rogues. You fight eyebeasts commanding platoons of formerly loyal soldiers, their minds clouded and controlled.

And then there are the diseases. Some natural, some made by the rogues. And the mighty drakon raiders, chanting their name of Ghaldring, their commander. And ... and ..

And when you secure one area, another is lost. When you learn how to deal with one horror, another appears. Your enemy is at least your equal in the Shaping arts, and it is determined to prevail.

And you are to determined to give everything you have to make sure that it does not.

Once Shaper forces assaulted the Isle of Spears and killed every rogue and servile they found there, they set to purifying the island. Every living thing, small or large, plant or animal, was destroyed.

And they learned from past mistakes. Every bit of information having to do with the Geneforge was purged. This time, no secrets escaped.

But this care and effort did no good. The rogue army already knew how to build a Geneforge, and they just set to work making one somewhere else.


ok that is what happens if A you use no canisters and have alwan rebel side later
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I have just checked. If you use only one canister, the ending says that when you look at your hand, it looks somewhat not normal. Everything else is the same.
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This is the loyalist ending asuming that you had alwan and all okay

I've almost finished the game as a loyalist, but I couldn't resist looking.

Ohh boy, that is quite a depressing (yet realistic) ending. I like it!

As they said in Geneforge 1, you can't unring a bell. It would be obscene for Jeff to create a 'nice' ending for the Loyalists, since the infection has spread to far. For better or worse, the Geneforge and its secrets have been discovered by the rogues. The Shaper Council reacted poorly when they first realized the danger of the Geneforge. They should have destroyed it immediately...

In Geneforge 4, the only way I can see the Shapers gaining an upper hand is by mimicking the Barzites. Use the forbidden knowledge. Perhaps then they could control it, and ensure that it doesn't get out of hand. Or perhaps it would consume them...

Better to consume yourself, than be eaten by Ur-Drakkons. That's just my opinion. :P

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The ending for both sides are very similar. For the rebels, you go back to the council and tell them everything. They imprison you, the rebels attack shortly after and free you. You command an army of serviles and creations that have joined you willingly. Ashen Islands become an important base for the rebels. You fight the Shapers but the Shapers are crafty and there's no victory in sight. Ghaldring's sitting on top of his tower contemplating the war and thinking about how the power of the Geneforge is not enough to defeat the Shapers and that the rebels need acquire more power, somehow.

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If you kill shapers its the same for either side I think.

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I like that ending better than the GF2 one.

How many shapers are there?
Why is Drypeak controlled by Zakary?
Why is Barzahl a Guardian?
How does the Geneforge work?
What's as small as nothing?
Why am I asking stupid questions?
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I finished a purist rebel ending. It was very cool. There are a couple things which I thought were missing in the ending. These are minor quips.

1) I managed to finish all 8 artifacts. It was a chore, but it should affect the ending in some way if you do this.

2) In order to finish all 8 artifacts, I had to clear out the monastery caves. This would make the effect even more pronounced. The 8 artifacts in combination are stronger than the canisters in some ways. A statement about forging great weapons... in the end might be cool if you get all eight artifacts.

3) I also cleared all the areas on the map. There should be a slight effect for this as well.
Thoroughness should count in some way. Maybe you are better at rooting out rogues-- or systematically hunting down the loyal shapers.-- Last sentence-- you hunt down the enemy to the far corners of Terrestria always vigilant, etc.

These are my thoughts.

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