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AuthorTopic: Splitclaw
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I was playing Geneforge 3 again and I remembered a question I meant to ask a while ago. What's the deal with Master Hodge's old battle alpha that he has in the begining of the game. It describes him as gnarled, highly modified, and scary to students. I imagine the first time I saw him I was probably looking forward to fighting him, but that doesn't happen in the game. What's the deal?

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You can fight him if you want in the beginning. I think you die right away. He's there for color.
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your not supposed to fight him at the beginning unless u love cheating!
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I am assuming that killing Splitclaw and/or Master Hodge you would cause a number of glitches.

Either that, or you will still find Master Hodge later if you kill him in the beginning, or the "stuff done flag" will set to him being dead and not appear later.

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I seem to remember that I was able to kill Splitclaw, after locking Hoge in his bedroom or something like that. But this made everything in the school hostile to me, including the servant mind, so I decided it was not a thing to do.

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If you have at least 4 leadership points you can fight Master Hodge, with the right dialog choices.

Of course it means instant death. :D
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Well actually, i did kill Master Hoge once in the school, (using cheats, of course) and he didn't show up in the Roamer Marsh (didnt cause any glitches) but I could not get out of Fort Wilton without killing everyone in it

PS: Just to keep this slightly more on subject, Splitclaw died with Hoge in the school

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Killing Hodge will make it impossible to get past the first fort on donal island.

I tried and the captain of the fort is always busy or I get rather a nasty error message about hodge not being there or a SSD flag not active.

Mind you I do play a slightly modded game so the facts here may be taken with a pinch of salt.

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