need help~about some quest

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AuthorTopic: need help~about some quest
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genieforge3 ,can't find thy way to complete these quest.

1、find Lankan's canister
In harmony Isle ,I found the canister in the shaper leader's underroom,but I know that will make Lankan become mad,and I can't refuse him when I step into his house .
So how can I clean this canister?

2、hunt icy roamers
Can't find them at all..

3、Hidden rogue serviles
The captain want me find some servile spy ,I found their cloth in a hidden house ,but it can't handle it to the captain,so the quest can't continue.

4、 In the cave of spharon's land(dnonal isle),there is a magi named Spharon,I can't kill it .He said he made his power himself ,and system notice me his power will in some place not nearby,but I never find it ,I spent 3 hours to go over the whole map ,but can't find any tips.

Please help me . I am a Asian,my english pool.
Thanks everybody.

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Don't go back to Lankan unless you want to help the Rebels. If you want to help the Shapers (or just leave), kill the rogues instead. I don't think you can destroy it after taking it.

Icy Roamers appear randomly in three of the more desolate outdoorsy areas. You will get a messsage of a chill in the air when you enter the zone. It's totally random, so just leave and exit different ones.

As for Spharon, it's behind him in his living/lab areas. Search one of the pots on the ground and smash the gems.

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oh ,thanks,you are the lightbringer~thankyou very much.

e..I always stand in lawful side,so ...never help rebel~

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for the servile spy quest... you shoudl say where, if you are talking about in Sanru, u need to get a wooden ring in the eastenr corner of the map,
beware the guards may become hostile, they'll give u one chance to go...

and about lankan, i think u can destroy the canister when u find it... or it may be that when u talk to him when u have the canister you chose the option ""You draw a blade, step forward, and smash the canister before Lankan can touch it. The charged essence oozes onto the wooden floor, and begins to bubble. Soon, it has evaporated entirely.";
text2 = "Lankan screams. He falls to his knees, clasps his hands to his head, and wails. _No! Curse you, Shapers! Curse you! Why must you do this to us? Why can you never show us any mercy, give us any hope?_";
text3 = "He keeps ranting, spittle flying from his lips. _You will pay for this. Pay for the deaths, the monsters, all you have done to us! You will die!_ He draws his blade and charges. And his fellow rebels are eager to protect him.";

he becomes hostile at this point.

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If Geneforge reminds you of Wizardry, you should try the Avernum series.

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Once you have taken the cannister that Lankan wants from San Ru then you have 3 options. The first is give it to Lankan and you've helped the Rebels. Second is to smash it and he and the Rebels go hostile. The third is to turn it in on Dhonal Island to the purity officer to get a reward [ruby necklace according to GF3 FAQ] and remove it from inventory.

If it's not in special items then you can go see Lankan.

The three icy roamers always appear in the same spots near a fire pit: Methane Swamp, Swampy Shore, and Roamer Marsh. They appear usually at random times after you have visited the area once before so keep trying by popping in and out.

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I forget what you get for turning in the canister, I'm playing through G3 for the 4th time as a no canister loyalist, and I would like to have an excuse to kill the rebels, but I won't do that if I get something good for it later.

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They appear usually at random times after you have visited the area once before so keep trying by popping in and out.

I don't think that that is the case. They appear in a specific order. Once you kill one of the roamers, you must return and tell the captain before you can find the next one.

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No. You can kill them in any order and not report them until you want to do so. The first time I played, I though that you had to get them all to collect the quest reward so I waited and got less experience.
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Originally written by doraemon:

thanks, [*i] you are the lightbringer
I knew it.

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