which game is the best?

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AuthorTopic: which game is the best?
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Pick your own answer!!! :D

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This will probably end up biased because it's in the Geneforge Forum, but oh well.

Dikiyoba voted for Avernum 2.
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This is really something more suited for the General Forum. Also this poll is vastly lacking, the Exile Series, Nethergate, Blades of Avernum, Blades of Exile, Subterra, and the Richard White Games. That said I also voted for Avernum II

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Not voting. :\ I like Nethergate too much to put any other game before it. Not that they're that bad, but I couldn't do that after all we've been through together.

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Avernum is the superior of the two series. Even though I preferred Exile III in the Exile series, Avernum 3 simple didn't have the same feel. So in the Avernum series Avernum 2 is the best.

I voted Geneforge 2 for good measure.

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Out of the choices I voted for Avernum 2 even though I preferred Nethergate. At this point A2 is ahead of all the Geneforge games combined. So much for Geneforge forum bias.
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I am the only one to vote for A1 currently... :confused:

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