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What is your favourite battle spell

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Impossible to answer. As a pragmatist, I use what ever spell is best suited to the situation. Some spells don't work to well some times.

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As Dikiyoba doesn't play G3 and tend sto play G2 as a Guardian, Dikiyoba isn't real familiar with any but the original three. And of those three, Dikiyoba likes searing/essence orbs the best.
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there's nothing better than watching your enemies burst into flames. :D

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Firebolt is cheap and works for most attacks. Searer is nice when you want to give a little extra if the main damage doesn't kill them. It really depends upon the situation.
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Kill. ZAAAP!

This spell have to do more damage, though.

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Firebolt is the only spell my Shaper, who ignores battle magic, can cast for large part of the game. It's usually ineffective in his unexperienced hands, but sometimes better than doing nothing while waiting for creations to get the job done.

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All your base are belng to Ice Spray

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Kill! because it is a spell that works on almost any kind of opponent!
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...I use Aura Of Flames =(
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Originally by Hannes:

...I use Aura Of Flames =(
Why is that worth a sad face?

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Because it's so lame. It hits everyone in your range for a whopping damage.
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Well, yes. That's why it costs a comically huge amount of energy. It's not as if you can go around blasting things with Auras of Flames all day long.

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Aura of Flames is only good for finishing off groups of monsters, softining up groups of monsters, and killing weak monsters.

I prefer Essence Orbs, as it's not expensive, and it's a multiple-target spell.

However, DV is right. You use different spells for different situations.


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I only use battle magic when I play as an agent, and my favourite spell by far is 'Essence Orbs'.

Suspicious (but Delicious!) Vlish mentioned that you might need a different spell, depending on the situation. True. However, all in all, I usually get the most usage (and damage) out of Essence Orbs.

Aura of Flames comes too late in the game, and costs far too much essence, to be practical.

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I find Searer to be the most useful, except very late in the game.

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