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I know of "face" changes such as graphics and spell choice, as well as the way conversations worked that were made as Avernum was remade from Exile, but what were some deeper differences between the series (quests, specific battles, locations, etc.) :confused:
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-Advancing skill levels require more skill points with each progressing level.
-Avernum 3 had nights, unlike Exile 3.
-Avernum series has many more quests, which are placed in a convenient "current quests" window.
-The Avernum series lacks a bestiary, as well as a scry monster spell.
-Missle weapons deal more damage, especially in A3
-In A2, there is a secluded dungeon (South of Fort Draco)with a few gremlins and a giant...in E2 that dungeon had a naga.
-In A3 Rentar-Ihrno is defeated by altering some lasers, but in E3 you merely had to reach the control panel.
-"Ritual of Sanctification" is an ability instead of a spell in the Avernum series.
-The gold limit in the Exile series was higher.
-An experienced player can't simply say a word, he or she must have a set stuff done flag. For example, in E1 a player could merely say "Icarus", but in Avernum you had to have joined the Scimitar first.

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In Exile..people lie on the ground, floating..while in Avernum they stand on the ground..

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Jeff's statement on the matter. And for Avernum 2. And 3.

Lost Bahssikava is a big difference between Exile 1 and Avernum 1. The Golem Factory is a big difference in E3/A3.

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There are no changes to the sequence of events that defeat Rentar in A3, apart from a few trivialities. You still had to vist each corner in both games.

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In Exile, combat spells can target empty spaces as well as NPCs, which made invisible enemies much easier to deal with; plus it has two great generic damage spells that I really miss: Wound (L2 priest), and Shockwave (L7 mage). I especially miss Shockwave; when combined with Protection (another L7 mage spell), no Doomguard could last long against my party. :D

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There's also the party size. In Exile, you can have six party members. In Avernum, only four. Avernum also has a fraction of the number of available spells in Exile, but somewhat makes up for it by having three levels in each spell.

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In Exile, treasures dropped by monsters are more random. I miss that feature in Avernum because it made each game a bit more unique.

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