What's the best avernum?

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AuthorTopic: What's the best avernum?
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Originally written by Proctors don't gambol:

Tricky Dik?

—Alorael, who thinks many people are misled by the four chapters of A2. Chapters 1, 2, and 3 are the demo. Chapter 4 is the rest of the game. Their sizes match. It could be considered a prologue in three parts and a game. The prologue is relatively linear, especially the very enjoyable Dark Waters part, but then the fourth part only has a plot in that the Empire is invading. It's just a much more visible plot than other Avernum plots.

Okay, sure. :P

And not all of Chapter 3 is in the demo. The bulk of it is, but some of it is blocked off.

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I think its Avernum 3 because i dont like Avernum 4 because it has thet...darkish graphic and the bit hard use of moving.Or sometimes avernum 2 because i got it full but im going to get da Avernum 3.Well,thats all
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As with the Exiles, Avernum II was by far my favourite. Avernum III was better than Avernum I, although Avernum was still fun.

Avernum 4 was BLECH. I've given my rant in another forum, so I'm not going into it again. But I think that Jeff just ruined the trilogy with that flop.

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I don't see why people like A3 better than A1. A3 was good, but I was just a little let down by it. I mean you finally get to go to the surface and this is what you have to deal with? It was fun for me but I much prefered the feeling of A1 where you are the original adventurer heroes and you get to pioneer a war against the empire. I was kinda let down to here that your party went away before A2 even though it was necesary for the plot. But my party would have stayed and slew all the empire soldiers they could.

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I guess I find it pretty surprising why Avernum 2 is the "unanimous" favorite. Equally, suprising are those that say the original was the worst. I enjoyed all three games immensely and as such is hard for me to pick a number one.

But, if I had to split hairs I would have to pick the original Avernum to inch past the others.. Followed by A3 then A2.

I felt that the the original had the most non-linear plot, most well-balanced combats, and much of the world was rehashed in Avernum 2. There were a few frustating puzzles (i.e. Halls of Chaos) in Avernum 2 that made it a little less enjoyable!

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(Avernum 1 is beating Avernum 3 AND 4! Yay!)
I like the atmosphere of Avernum 1, too– there's a sense of complete novelty and exploration (for some reason, I feel like Exile 1 had it more, though). I kind of liked the whole "You're trapped in an underground world. Oh, crap, what are you going to do?!" feeling. I read somewhere that the secret of really good games is making the player feel like they have all the choice in the world, when actually they're doing things that advance the plot. Avernum 1 is like that: you can go anywhere (provided you're at a high enough level not to get killed). In the subsequent ones, you have a specific quest, even from the beginning (although, in Avernum 2, the initial quest is pretty unimportant).

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Avernum 1 is the best so far. I do like 4 somewhat, but some of the interface stinks. I especially hate how i have to use the mouse so much more.
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For me the best game is A2, because it introduces the Vahnatai, who are one of the more original aspects of the Averniverse. 2nd best is A3 because of the adventuring potential; although it does unfortunately spoil the Vahnatai somewhat.

A4 is comparatively weaker in terms of plot and population, but it does introduce a good game engine, so I am hopeful about future games.

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