Anybody out there finish Avernum 3?

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AuthorTopic: Anybody out there finish Avernum 3?
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I really want to know if anyone finished Avernum 3 and what happens in the end!

Adam Dixon
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A lot of people have finish Avernum 3. :)

But I will not tell you how it ends, perhaps some guys will read this topic and don't want to know... :D

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If you played Exile III, it won't be much different.

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well i guess the topic says enough to warn those who dont want to know.


after youve destroyed all the 4 plagues (slime, roach, golem, troglodyte), you get to know that the vahnatai, or more accurately rentar-ihrno have caused them. so you enter the quarantined footracer province in nw valorim, where you encounter the last plagues (alien beasts), which you dont have to destroy. you just move past them down under the keep of tinraya and into some newly settled vahnatai lands. you face rentar-ihrno and destroy her tower. badabingbadaboom youre in blackcrag fortress with empress prazac and anaximander, who make peace between the empire and avernum.

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The number of people who show up for help and stick around after winning and who show up only after winning means that the number of people who have completed any given game is always on the rise while the number of people who are on the boards and who haven't completed any given game tends to remain static or go up more slowly as people who have no interest in a game join.

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the end to me is dissappointing... my valiant heroes & heroines are made Empire Dervishes...I mean, why could'nt Prazac just leave us alone :confused:

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Being made a dervish is a good thing, isn't it?

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We are Avernum. We hate the Empire. Only the Empire has Dervishes. We prefer to be an Avernite to an Empire Dervish.

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dervish n. . . a member of any of a number of Muslim religious groups, some of which are famous for dancing, spinning around, shouting loudly, etc. as religious practices - Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 1987.

Hmm. . . sounds rather funny, "dancing, spinning around, shouting loudly". . . which some of my dumb characters could have done. . . Ooops, sorry for disturbance but me a non-native English user. Is it time that I invest on a new dictionary?

Anyway, it can only mean an honorary dervish if the Dervish means heavily armoured fighters in the order of Empire army. How could my mages and priests have become a dervish. . . well Avernum 4 should tell, I suppose.
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Your dictionary is fine. Exile 3 and Avernum 3 use a strange new definition for dervish that doesn't appear in any standard usage.

—Alorael, who thinks the point of being made an honorary anything is not having to meet the usual qualifications. Besides, General Baziron is described as an honorary dervish who may not make the physical cut (monster type aside) but whose astute tactics earned him the distinction of dervish rank.
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Many Muslim names are taken in by the more original games. Like vizier... and... I admit, I know that and dervish. That's it. I'm a Muslim noob level 1.

But they're getting to be popular class names.

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A vizier is a government official, albeit usually one in a Muslim government. The term may have appeared once in Avernum. Dervish is definitely Muslim, but not the way it's used in Avernum (elite heavy infantry or officer corps?). In any case, both words have become fairly mainstream in fantasy and the second tends to get misused. I don't see any great Muslim influence.

—Alorael, who would like to know how dervishes became warriors at all. It makes less sense than the unarmed warrior monks, who are at least somewhat based on the more martial Eastern orders.
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a lot of names in Avernum trilogy has been taken from different religion... hindu, norse, greek, roman, old english. It enriches the game, makes it more universal i guess.

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Well, there is the term 'whirling dervish'.

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Why couldn't the party be the protectors of the Avernite area of Valorim?

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Whirling dervishes are mystics (and sometimes performers), not soldiers.

—Alorael, who doesn't see any direct influence from any religions on Avernum beyond their influences on generic fantasy. Examples, please?
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Shock Trooper
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I guess The Church of the Divine Lucre would have televangelists if Avernum had TV...

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A Dervish used to be a person in a religious order of the Muslim religion who would spin, hop around, and perform other acts to show their devotion to their God. If I'm not mistaken, they were rather like bards, but people didn't believe they had mystical powers. I think that a certain type of axehead is now the symbol of the Dervish, because they used to carry axes to protect themselves from stray dogs and such.

I have never seen evidence that they were actually as powerful warriors as the A/E series lead us to believe.
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