A pleasant surprise...SPOILER!

AuthorTopic: A pleasant surprise...SPOILER!
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I've started a second game, with an all-human party and have just killed off the slime plague. When I returned to Fort E. and spoke to Berra, I also had a little chat with the lady in charge of the research centre (forgot her name), where Berra studies. In the course of conversation, she said my party could learn a few spells if we found the secret room (look at the Automap and wallcreep :D ), as she'd teach us the secret hand moves to dispel the barrier.

You get Move Mountains 2 and Light 3, once you find the room.

Hope this helps someone - sorry if everyone already knew it. ;)

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I think everybody who's played it already knows, and this topic will probably be ignored, but hey, I could be wrong. Nice try though!

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It took me a little while to find out where she was talking about. The spells were rewarding though.

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It always fun when you learn things like that. I know I always want to get on the boards and tell everyone the things I found out playing a game.

The bad thing for me is I always over look those two spells when I play.
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AAARGHH!!! they should have never got rid of the Exile spell system (i realise that this is off topic) there were sooo many spells and most of them were so unnecesary.. but they were good, u had soo many choices.

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Conflagration and Dispell Field, anyone?

It seems like the first was only ever cast by monsters. Sort of like Slow in Avernum, but more useless. :rolleyes:

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I actually used damaging field spells a lot at low levels in the Exiles and BoE. Their damage doesn't depend on level or intelligence, covers a large area and persists for a long time. The catch, of course, is that you get much less experience if the opponent dies in the field at any point other than when you first lay it down.

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I loved using conflagration on the little goblins instead of killing them one at a time.

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i loved that priest attack spell. i dont remember its name, but it was one of the highest spells and caused quite a havoc if casted. maybe its that field thingy you talk about - if i remember correctly, it creates some kinda lightning or "white energy" field(/explosion?) in a radius of like 5-8 squares of its target.
that one was fun. heh. (fried lizard comin up!)

edit: i just noticed gunshy wrote "move mountains 2 and light 3". well, thats not right. you get move mountains 2 and far sight 2. however, everybody knows about that "secret" anyway, so what the heck.

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