What things are you looking for in a scenario?

AuthorTopic: What things are you looking for in a scenario?
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What things are you looking for in a scenario?

When you are playing a scenario what things are you looking for that make a scenario satisfying to play?

Some of the things I look for which make a scenario interesting are:

1) New items.
2) New monsters.
3) Unique structures.
4) Skill trainers.
5) An original plot.
6) Natural formations like volcanoes, swamps, etc.
7) Back story items like books of history, etc.

Some of the things I would like to see in a scenario.

1) An encounter based on what happens when you slaughter a whole village. Either a mass murder insta-kill screen, or a nearly unbeatable fight.

Please list the stuff you are looking for as well as what you would like to see in a scenario in Blades which hasn't been done yet.

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I look for a plot. Therefore mass-murder scenarios are at my all-time bottom.

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A good plot is important, something that doesn't reveal itself too readily... puzzles requiring some mental effort and problem solving are important, too.... Other than that, interesting artifacts are fun to find, but not in overabundance. I like the idea of killing off a whole village/city, only because I did that in A3 with one of the towns whenever it decided I was an enemy... but there was no after-story, so it was an empty action. There might be a way to include that idea and make it the 'honorable' thing to do.

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I like to collect artifacts. I prefer artifacts without custom graphics, because those with them can't be taken between scenarios, but I could take a few of those too, because there are some empty slots in the item sheets. But they should be interesting items, not "OMFG YUO OPUN TEH CEHST AND THEER SI SORD OF SUPARKIL!!!1!1!!" items. If the item is tied in with the plot somehow, that's best. A really good description is sometimes good enough though.
Of course, in order for an item to be tied in with the plot, a scenario has to have a plot. The plot is one of the two most important parts of an RPG, in my opinion. Make sure the scenario has a strong plot, unless it's a utility scenario or something that doesn't need one.
The other most important part is combat. The combat should be interesting and challenging, but usually not impossibly hard. Bigger monsters don't necessarily make combat more interesting. They usually just make it longer.

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Pretty much what Buttered Toast said. When I kill off villages in VODT, I say random stuff like, 'I'm saving you from the sickness!' and 'It's for your own good, you know.' I get pretty crazy after playing computer games 12 hours a day for a week. Oh, and I do see the phrase 'get a life' coming.

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I look for replayibility (sp?) for example ZKR I played it numoeours (sp) times and I still dont think I found everything

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Plot and map design. Custom stuff are welcome too. :)

What I don't apreciate in a scenario: too hard combats, maps with lots of empty space, plotless scenarios.

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Plots are good. Good plots are even better.

Giving the player interesting choices (especially moral dilemmas) is always good; there's a reason why most people consider A Small Rebellion to be the best Blades scenario Jeff has ever written.

I find excessive combat extremely boring, unless it's made interesting. Making combat interesting is very difficult to do. Oh, and a note for all the newbies out there: Interesting does NOT mean uber-powerful monsters. Interesting means tactics; brains rather than brawn.

So to sum up everything I just said: I like something that gets me thinking, because that's when I get interested.

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What I want to see in a scenario: Something I've never seen before.

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Summarizing so far. Things people look for:

1) A good plot.
2) Replayability.
3) Battles which are tactical and require thinking to do.-- I especially like having monsters with a variety of attacks-- poison, fire,
paralyzation, spells, disease, antimagic fields, etc.
4) Good maps which fill most of the screen. I like easter eggs a lot on the maps.
5) Unique items-- artifacts which do not use custom graphics and are not overpowered.
6) Some puzzles througout the scenario.
7) Have some moral choices to make.
8) Unique structures.
9) Things which have not been done before.
10) Skills trainers. Imban has a list of skills trainers and items. web page

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I'm thinking about maybe something that like creates a war. Maybe like chitrachs have a massive king chitrachs are every where killing, and you're supposed to help.

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