Most Annoying Creatures

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AuthorTopic: Most Annoying Creatures
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Who do you think are the most annoying guys i'm making a new mass killing scenario and i want them in it!
EDIT: SO you can kill them it's no plot stuff just a mass kill for those who get bored and just wanna kill stuff.
Edit: If you just wanna flame do not post!

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oh thats an easy one. i truly hate doom guards because they just keep splitting.

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Why do you want to annoy people who play your scenario?

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I guess because he thinks his scenario isn't bad enough yet simply without a plot; it needs some senseless impossibly tough battles as well. :rolleyes:

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Don't waste your time. We will laugh and/or shout angrily at you. That will be the only feedback you'll ever get for such a scenario.

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it's so i can allow those people to kill their most hated creatures!
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Newbies who make hack'n'slash scenarios.

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I guess you'd have to make a custom creature.

Like a level 42 J-Lo
or a level 28 Britney

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On that note, you might also want to include a tentacle rape special ability.

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That's assuming we live in a reality where Jeff would actually put that on the scenario list.

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He would. Then it would get rated a 1.0 and deleted.

Scenarios can't be downvoted into oblivion until they're available to be voted on, after all.
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Gazers all the way.

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Mung demons are the most annoying — especially in the first Avernum game. All they do is stand there, zapping your priest with mind-sucking rays that make it impossible for him to do anything aside from shooting off the occasional badly-aimed arrow. We really need that high level Repel Spirit, and Mass Healing!
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viscous goo

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This topic is my most annoying creature.

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People with horrid grammar and can help it, but don't want to.

Yey for annoying creatures.

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What's the point in killing hundreds of creatures through infinite corridors?

... Doesn't it make you get bored?... maybe i can't understand.

Funny how it all falls away... ;_;
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I don't have an annoying creature, but it would be fun to kill a lich. I just don't want to take the time to kill Morog, because it's easier to just do her quest and continue.

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If you're gonna go with this idea, and I beg you not to (Diablo-like games, as addictive as they can be, already exist in plentiful), I truly hate Black Shades and Guardians.
A hack n' slash scenario with nothing but hordes of invisible creatures.


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